10th Anniversary Trip to Springville!

May 11-14, 2017
For our 10th Anniversary in May 2017 we drove to
Springville, this is the spot where Todd and I met, and
the little house where we later lived together
Re-creating our first date in Porterville in
October 2004, we had dinner at El Nuevo and
watched "Ladder 49" at the Galaxy Movie Theatre
This is the rock on which we took our
Engagement Photo
They had just started this mural before we left in 2007
Grandma and Grandpa joined us to celebrate our 10th
Anniversary at River Ridge Ranch, where we got
married.  We stayed in the same cabin where I
donned my wedding dress before the ceremony!  It's
been remodeled a bit
Just behind the tree is the Tule River
And the spot where we took our best wedding photo, in
front of the blooming buckeye tree - wedding photo was
taken by my sister, this one was taken by T :)
Our ceremony site under the arching sycamore tree
Just like our reception night, we had a campfire
More fun during the week:
Point Reyes
Sequoia National Park
Camp Nelson

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Saturday night there was a Ryan Dean concert at the ranch