20 year logo features tree, lake, sun and bird silhouettes
Tarol.com is 20 years old!
Established in 2003, this website celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2023

Can you believe it? My humble website Tarol.com is now 20 years old! What began as a hobby on a whim has grown over the years to document my life and adventures. It also led me to a new path in my career, as I now work as a web manager in charge of the content for hundreds of web pages.

In the last few months I have been slowly finding time to update this website. You'll notice the old pages are not accessible nor mobile-compatible, but I hope to make all new content meet modern standards.

Two of my newest pages are below, featuring some of our lovable pets. 


Karmen is the adorable black and white kitten my son adopted last summer.

Meet Karmen


It's about time our fun loving rescue dogs got their own page!

Meet Pip & Annie