More about me...

If you have browsed my website, it should become obvious that I am passionate
about not only having fun in the great outdoors but also working to protect it.  I
have worked for several federal land management agencies since graduating from
college with a bachelor's degree in biology.  I minored in chemistry and
environmental studies and indeed have a great curiousity about all natural things.  I
love to learn about the natural world, but most of all, to teach others about it.  I
am a public information officer, an interpretive naturalist and environmental
educator, a photographer and writer, and a Leave No Trace Master Educator.

Most weekends and during my vacation time I can be found out hiking, camping, and
photographing any one of this country's beautiful natural settings.  I love the
Sierra Nevada mountains, southern Utah canyon country, the California and Oregon
coastline, the mountains and grasslands of Wyoming, and the southwestern
deserts.  I seek out wildflowers wherever they are blooming and deciduous trees
when they are changing color in the fall.

I am married to a wonderful man named Todd and we have a son, Todd Philip.  We
also spend a lot of time spoiling our four cats, Sammy, Hailey, Sadie, and Indie.  We
have family and friends throughout the U.S. that we love to visit and spend time

Other hobbies I have (besides the outdoorsy ones) are playing the piano,
attempting to play the guitar and conga drum, reading books, writing in my journal
(including my online one, this site!), listening to music including Todd singing karaoke
(no, I don't have the guts to do it myself!  But he's a great singer), watching Padres
baseball games, and baking cookies.

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