Acadia National Park, Maine
Spring 2002
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Sand Beach
I try to push the erratic rock off of the South Bubble
Mindi tries to push it off to no avail
Back in May of 2002 I went to Mindi's graduation from Seminary in Boston,
MA.  After her graduation we rented a car and drove up to Acadia National
Park in Maine.  We camped two nights there and hiked to Great Head, the
Beehive, and the Bubbles.  We drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain and
enjoyed the view from up there.  I also remember the wonderful clam
chowder we ate at a small restaurant in Bar Harbor.  Or, should I say "clam
chowdah we had in Bah Hahbah"?
The Beehive as viewed from Great Head near Sand Beach
To get to the top you have to ascend a very steep trail
with iron rungs as hand-and toe-holds.  It is somewhat of
a cliff hang but any hiker in decent physical shape who
isn't afraid of heights should be able to do it.
The first part of the Beehive Trail is just a stroll
through the pleasant birch woods
Views from the top of the Beehive
The Bubbles
Fog, lichen and dwarf forest on Cadillac Mountain