Afton & Owl Canyons
Calico Ghost Town

December 2-3, 2013
Little T and I spent a couple of days in a few nearby beautiful desert
locales.  This was my first trip to colorful Afton Canyon.  We explored via
the Old Mojave Road and on foot.  The second Mojave River crossing was
too deep/muddy for either, safely anyway.  Someday we'll go back and go
further!  But we had fun exploring side canyons.
Very cool to see water in the Mojave River!  This area, as you would
suspect, supports a wide variety of wildlife including bighorn sheep.  
We heard frogs everywhere we went.
When the Mojave Road was in use travelers would take shelter in the caves
along these bluffs during the heat of the day - we couldn't get too close
because I didn't want to bushwack or sink in the mud with Tater
Boldly going where no stroller has gone before
He loved watching for trains!  We would've stayed at the
campground at Afton Canyon, but the only other person there was a
single guy and I didn't feel comfortable.  So we headed towards
Calico Ghost Town, which I figured would have more people.  Since we
got there late in the day, they let us in for free :)
We stayed at the Calico Campground overnight - I'd stayed here
once before on a trip to
Death Valley back in 2005.  But I'd never
seen the area during the day so that was fun.  In the morning we
headed west towards Owl Canyon.  I've been here before, as well,
hiking and scrambling a
long loop through the area.  It was a little
windy and chilly so we just did a short hike up the canyon, and also
played on the swings and "Jeep" at the campground
After our hike we took a drive on the Rainbow Basin Loop Road - this
is a very cool route.  High clearance required and I even switched it
into 4WD in a couple of rough spots.
Let's see where the road goes...

After leaving Rainbow Basin we headed south to Barstow and took
Old Route 66 home.

More photos here!

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