Anza Borrego in the Spring

March 17-18, 2008
I took two weeks of vacation in March and for the first portion I decided to visit my parents in Escondido.  After a few days of hanging out there I convinced them to go tent camping one night out in the desert.  Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is an easy 1.5 hour drive from where they live (and you get there on backroads, no freeway driving necessary) and is it ever beautiful this time of year :)  Lots of wildflowers blooming, tons of wildlife, and wonderful warm weather!

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We camped in an area of the park called Blair Valley.  It is higher in elevation than where the town of Borrego Springs is so the flowers were just starting to bloom.  But the scenery was wonderful and we heard coyotes and heard an owl calling all that afternoon and evening.  The next morning we saw it fly away, it was huge!  These primitive or dispersed campsites are off of a dirt road and there is no water or trash pickup but there is one pit toilet near the highway.  Since we were there during the week we pretty much had the place to ourselves :)
Where's Waldo?  I mean, where's Dad?
Purple Mat, above and Desert Chicory, below
Fishhook Cactus and a small purple phacelia
Our campsite, complete with a granite couch and granite kitchen table
Who is that weirdo with the funny hat?
This pretty little flower is called Rattlesnake Weed
The Butterfield Stage Route passed through this area called "Foot and Walker Pass" because it was so steep the passengers often had to get out and walk over it
A nice short unmarked trail goes to a viewpoint above the pass
Later we went north towards the town of Borrego Springs.  Just north of there the flowers were amazingly abundant...  Here's a dune sunflower, above and brown-eyed evening primrose, below
Evening primrose
Mojave Yucca
Sand Verbena carpeted the desert floor near Borrego Springs
This was the largest caterpillar that I have ever seen, mom spotted it, it was about 6" long!  It's going to become a white-lined sphinx moth
Caterpillar yoga?
And this was the largest lizard I have ever seen, again mom spotted it, it is a desert iguana and it was about 16" long