Week 2 of my AZ/UT Roadtrip

Page Rimview Trail, Powell Museum, Cottonwood Canyon, Catstair Canyon,
Hanging Gardens, Notch Petroglyphs, Pahreah Town Site

March 22-25, 2009
On Sunday my mom and I drove Kristine back to the Flagstaff Airport - it ended
up being quite the adventure!  The wind was terrible and most of the way we
drove through a horrendous sandstorm.  At times I could barely see the road!  
Kristine had called to see if her flight was still on time and they said it was, but
when we got to the airport, sure enough, it had been cancelled :p   So she ended
up renting a car to get to Phoenix where she could still make her connecting flight
to Oakland.

On the way home it began to rain, which solved the blowing sand problem...  But as
we climbed up the Vermillion Cliffs it began to snow.  Thank goodness for 4wd
because we didn't see any plows out that evening.

On Monday I hiked about 3 miles of the Page Rimview Trail with Abbey then went
to the Powell Museum with my Dad.  On Tuesday I drove up the Cottonwood
Canyon Road in Grand Staircase/Escalante, one of my favorite roads.  But I
didn't get very far...  the road was dry, but extremely rutted.  Then we went to
Catstair Canyon to see its petroglyphs and pictographs.  Then we hiked the
Hanging Gardens Trail near the Glen Canyon Dam.

On Wednesday Abbey and I hiked to more petroglyphs a BLM ranger had told me
about, this time at the Notch, which is an alternative route to the Wave.  Then
Abbey and I hiked from the Paria Movie Set (arson burned it down a few years
ago) to the Pahreah town site.  That is a very beautiful area!

On Thursday the weather turned very cold and windy and I decided to start the
drive home.  So about noon I said goodbye to my parents and hiking partner Abbey
and drove westward.  I crossed over into Utah, then back into Arizona, then back
into Utah, then back into Arizona, then into Nevada.  This, believe it or not, is the
most direct route home!  I made it to Valley of Fire State Park near Vegas and
ate dinner and settled in for the night.   
Tumbleweeds stuck in my grill... one of the many
hazards of driving in Arizona!

Next part of trip - Valley of Fire State Park

More about the Powell Museum

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Glen Canyon Bridge, as viewed from the Carl Hayden Visitor Center
Glen Canyon Dam, as viewed from the Carl Hayden Visitor Center
On Page's Rimview Trail, it completely circles the city which sits
on a mesa and is 10 miles long total, Abbey and I only hiked a
few miles on the north end where the views are endless...
Dad standing in front of a replica of the wooden boat John
Wesley Powell took in the first trip down the Colorado River
A cottonwood in Cottonwood Canyon, UT
Catstair Canyon, UT and its pictographs
Scenes along Page's Hanging Gardens Trail
Near the Notch Petroglyph site
This is an awesome place!
Wahweap on a cloudy morn
Pahreah, UT