Baby Shower!
The baby shower was a blast - biggest surprise was my cousin Jessica coming - she lives in KS and I haven't seen her since I was a freshman in high school!  They  kept it a secret from me until I walked in and saw her :)  She recently lost her mom, my Aunt Yvonne, so it's extra-special that she came and got to hang out with her aunts and cousins.

Other highlights - loved having my husband and all the guys there, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

My ex-employee Kellie (got laid off because of budget, I miss her terribly!) helped my Mom (whom she be-friended before she became my employee) with the decorations and games and whatnot.  She's so spunky and everyone loves her - she made it a lot of fun!

My Aunt Shirley and cousin Cherise, who are very culinary talented, made the cutest baby cake pops in the world!  Also cute cupcakes that featured Teddy bears tucked into bed and "Tater" and "It's a Boy" (we're calling our LO Tater for now, until we decide on his real name).  They also made an adorable bear-themed diaper cake.

My sister and brother-in-law flew down from SF for the shower and rented a red Ford Mustang - so that's how I "arrived" to the shower - in style ;)

Tater got lots of great goodies - including a beautiful quilt that my sister's best friend's Mom Nancy made - the quilt blocks are in blue and yellow and it's solid blue very soft fleece on the back, and the quilted stitching is a in a cloud-like design

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