Carol's Bachelorette Party!

February 10-11, 2007
The girls of the Bracken Fern Manor
Kristine, my sister and matron of honor, threw me an atypical bachelorette party last
weekend.  She booked us rooms at the Bracken Fern Manor at Lake Arrowhead.  This
place was built at the 1920's and had a market on the first floor while "ladies of the
evening" lived on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  The current owner, Cheryl, bought it in 1993
and completely restored it.  It is now a beautiful and restful place to spend a day or two.  
Unless, of course, there are some crazy women who happen to be having a bachelorette
party there ;)  
Click here for more info on the Bracken Fern Manor.

On Saturday morning while Kristine and Aunt Shirley were shopping for bachelorette
party supplies, Cherise and I went to Mojave Narrows Park.  There they have a stable
with horses and camels, a fishing pond, and nature trails through a sandy riparian area all
of which made for some interesting photo ops...

Then we all drove up to Lake Arrowhead.  There we met mom and dad and we checked in
and got a tour of the Bracken Fern Manor.  Then we went to dinner at a wonderful Thai
restaurant called Papaya Bay.  Once we got back to the Inn Joe, my brother-in-law, had
arrived and then the party began.  Aunt Shirley and Kristine dressed me up in a beautiful
bridal ensemble while Cherise took pictures.  I then had to walk down the stairs much to
my mom and dad's and Joe's entertainment.  Then I had to open up gifts, all of which
were promised not to be too risque.  Well, one gift turned out to be pretty bad...  A deck
of cards innocently labeled as, "Hairy Chested Men" turned out to be so much more than
that, lol   Thank goodness the Inn Keeper and other guests had left to go to dinner!

Anyway, we had a fun silly night.  Later on Kristine played guitar for us.  In the morning we
had a lovely breakfast and said our goodbyes.  Thanks Kristine and Aunt Shirley and
Cherise, my mom and dad, and Joe for a very fun time!
Now how many stories of bachelorette parties include camels?  lol
Silly Cherise tries out the bench and door to an
old house buried in the sand
Cherise and I on the front steps of the Bracken Fern
Dinner at Papaya Bay
Beautiful Lake Arrowhead Waterfront
Playing Heart and Soul on the Bracken Fern Piano
Looking at old family photos
The silliness begins...
Here comes the poor tortured bride!
After our first fight, this is what I'm supposed
to hang on the bedroom door, lol
Kristine entertains us with song
Time to leave and let the Bracken Fern return to normal...