Exploring my Backyard II
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Exploring my backyard...

On June 13th I decided to go for a drive...  That was it, no real plans.  I headed south to
Posey, a hamlet located in the southern Sierra foothills about halfway between
Bakersfield and Porterville.  From there I went over Portuguese Pass, a beautiful road
that climbs high into the mountains.  I took the road over to Tobias Lookout and chatted
for a while with Mary Ann, who has been the lookout there since 1990.  The view from the
lookout is stunning, I would say it even beats the view from the Needles!  I then drove
over to Frog Meadow and although there is a great campsite there I thought since I was
so close to the Packsaddle Grove that I should head over there.  Well, I couldn't find a
good campsite there so I drove over to the Starvation Creek Grove but the pickings
there were even slimmer so I continued over to Parker Pass then ended up staying in
Redwood Meadow Campground for the night.
In the morning I drove down to Johnsondale and then headed down M-99 that follows the
Kern River down to Kernville.  I was pleasantly surprised with this drive - it's such
beautiful rugged country!  Once I got to Lake Isabella I drove west on Hwy 178 to
Bakersfield.  Again, this is an amazing stretch of road, I should've explored it much
sooner :)
Redwood Meadow
Pride of the Mountains
Ladies Thumb
Pineapple Puffball Mushroom - this sucker was
12 inches in diameter!
Ponderosa Pine
Kern River near Salmon Creek Falls