Looking across the Tule Canyon to Dennison,
Moses, and Maggie Mountains
Exploring my Backyard II
September 2-4, 2006
The view from Windy Gap
Dennison Peak is on the left in the distance
Slate Mountain is on the right
Sunrise at Coy Flat

Exploring my Backyard I
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This weekend Todd and I went exploring in our backyard.  After conducting the
campfire program at Quaking Aspen Campground Saturday night we camped there and in
the morning we woke up and I made breakfast burritos.  Then we drove south along the
Western Divide Highway to the Crawford Road.  This road goes northeast up and over
Windy Gap then skirts along the headwaters of the South Fork Tule River passing
through the Red Hill Grove of Giant Sequoias.  There are wonderful views of Slate
Mountain and Mule Peak along the way.  This road then cuts across a corner of the Tule
River Indian Reservation then turns northwest and enters the Black Mountain Grove.  
This is one of the largest sequoia groves and it spans the ridgeline between the Middle
and South Fork Tule Rivers.  We then took the Solo Peak Road which is reported to be
the longest road within a single sequoia grove.  You can travel about 8 miles out along
the ridgeline on this road.  Along the way you will see many sequoias as well as fabulous
views looking north towards Dennison Peak, Moses Mountain, Maggie Mountain, and
Jordan Peak.   After exploring the grove we drove down towards Camp Nelson and found
a campsite at Coy Flat Campground.  Even on a busy holiday weekend you can usually find
a place to camp here in this little campground amongst the cedar and oak trees.
Mule Peak is on the right
A few old sequoias in the Red Hill Grove
A creek runs through the Red Hill Grove and
Scarlet Monkeyflowers are abundant here
Mimulus cardinalis
Sequoias in the Black Mountain Grove
These big trees sure make my Subaru look small!
This gnarly old tree is still alive and growing
Another gnarly old one
The Three Sisters
Looking down Long Canyon to the Springville area below
Maggie Mountain
Jordan Peak, where we hiked last weekend
Slate Mountain, above and below
Our campsite at Coy Flat