Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve

May 28, 2016
While we were on vacation visiting my parents, my sister, T, and
I went on a short hike at the Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve in
my old neck of the woods.  This is a gorgeous hike in the spring!  
The diverse pebble plain habitat at the Baldwin Lake Ecological
Preserve supports many rare and endemic plant species. Some
pebble plain species are tiny, and best appreciated close-up while
lying flat on your belly, thus they're called "belly flowers." The
diversity of pebble plains is comparable to coral reefs, with as
many as 20 species in a square meter!
Rydbergs horkelia
After hiking we drove to Hanna Flat Campground where we had to get
T's photo on the rock that just keeps on getting smaller every year ;)
Mountain phlox
Ash gray paintbrush, above and below
Rayless fleabane
Kennedy Mountains Southern Buckwheat
Pursh's Milkvetch
Parish's Larkspur
Grape soda lupine - possibly the best smelling
flower on the planet!  
We took a break in the shade of a Pinyon Pine and ate
banana-nut muffins, made by Uncle Joe.  Yum!
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Desert Mallow, above
California Poppy, below
He's pointing to another one of my favorite spots,
Champion Lodgepole Pine Tree