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Carol has another bear encounter!
July 24, 2015

"I haven't seen a bear for awhile, so I'm overdue for an encounter," I told
Albert and Debra on Thursday night at Rock Creek Lake Campground.  On Friday
night a Mamma bear and cub came within 40 feet of my tent at Hilton Lake #2.  
I had just retired for the evening when I heard a thump and a baby bear cry
out.  I've never gotten out of my tent quicker in my life!  I yelled at Albert and
he got out of his tent and we started shouting at the two bears.  They didn't
seem scared of us at all but backed away then headed towards our bear
canisters which we'd stashed about 200 feet from our tents.  Then we watched
as Mamma bear tried every conceivable method to get into the cans!  She threw
them on the ground with a very loud bang that must've been heard for a mile in
every direction.  She banged them on a log, and the baby bear seemed to be
imitating Mamma because it to was leaning all its weight on the log and rocking
back and forth.  She picked the canisters up in her paws and rolled on her back
chewing on the edge of the lids.  After about 20 minutes of trying they finally
moseyed away.  We waited another 20 minutes then cautiously approached the
canisters to check out the damages.  Well, Albert's canister was about 15 feet
from its original location.  Mine was a few feet away.  Both were a little dinged
and dirty but otherwise intact.  We went ahead and moved them another 200
feet away and had a fitful night's sleep!

On Saturday we didn't see or hear any signs of the bears, so we had ourselves a
nice dayhike up to Lakes 4 & 5 and had a better night's rest.  But on Sunday
morning I was awoken to the sound of campers near us yelling at the bears and
the baby bear crying out for a solid minute.  I figure she must've gotten
separated from her Mom to keep crying out for so long.  Needless to say we
decided that we'd had enough bear excitement and started to pack and left a
couple of hours earlier than planned.

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Reflective sticker I
had made for my
Vault Bear Canister

Another option: Using
bear boxes (sometimes
called lockers).  
here for a list of bear
box locations in the
Sierra.  Please note,
sometimes these boxes
fill up!
Be Bear Aware!
Grizzly I saw near the west entrance of Yellowstone
in September 2002