August 10, 2007
Carol has yet another bear encounter!

My friend Debra and I went for a dayhike this afternoon from the Forsee Creek Trailhead towards Johns Meadow in the San Gorgonio Wilderness on the San Bernardino National Forest. We originally wanted to do a short overnighter but she found out last minute that she had to work tomorrow so we settled for a dayhike. We didn't quite make it to the meadow but still got in about 7 miles total. Anyway we were headed back and were within a mile of the trailhead and I was walking in front. We came around a corner and I looked up and saw a pretty cinnamon-brown bear on the trail heading towards us. I immediately started yelling, "Bear! Bear!" and backing away. While I was freaking out Debra started going forward and tried to get a look at it but it had already taken off, it was probably as scared as I was! A few moments later after making a lot of noise we walked close together continuing up the trail. We never saw it again.

So, yet another bear encounter, and I didn't even think bears were that common down here!

It was a nice trail, not very hard, and nobody else on it but us two (and the bear). Lots of birds, squirrels, and lizards. An owl hooting now and then in the distance. A few flowers still blooming. Lots of big cedar, ponderosa, and sugar pines. Good views, blue sky, cool breezes, and three little creeks still running.

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Grizzly I saw just outside the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park, September 2002
Be Bear Aware!

Sierra Wild (has info on approved canisters and where they are required in the Sierra Nevada)

This is the sticker I had made to put on my bear canister.  I own a Bear Vault and highly recommend it!

Another option: Using bear boxes (sometimes called lockers). 
Click here for a list of bear box locations in the Sierra.  Please note, sometimes these boxes fill up!  

It is everyone's
responsibility to help keep wild animals wild! 
Click here for some good tips from the California Department of Fish & Game