Big Sur

March 24-25, 2008
I always enjoy going to Big Sur because the scenery is just flat out incredible, so when
I decided to go up to visit my sister  in San Francisco as part of my two week vacation
it was a no-brainer to drive up there via Hwy 1.  I stopped at San Simeon to see the
elephant seals and I camped at Fernwood Campground on the Big Sur River underneath
the redwoods.  The next day I hiked to Pfeiffer Falls then headed north towards Point
Elephant Seals, the original California Beach Bums
This one was snoring
This one was loud!
This one was huge!
Thanks to my new camera with its 18x zoom I can now get awesome
shots from a long ways away :)
This is the southernmost grove of redwood trees
The trail to Pfeiffer Falls is beautiful
Pfeiffer Falls in the spring
To see it in the fall,
click here
Douglas Iris
These wild turkeys ran through the campground in the morning.
The photos are a little blurry but they wouldn't sit still!