Roadtrip to Bishop

April 23-24, 2011
Todd and I went on a road trip this weekend to Bishop, CA, my home town in the beautiful
Eastern Sierra.  On the way we went to the Lone Pine Film Museum (more Westerns
were filmed in the area around Lone Pine than anywhere else) & Manzanar NHS (WWII
era Japanese Internment Camp).   It was our first time to either place, though we've
passed them a million times on the way to and from other adventures, so it was nice to
finally take the time to stop.

That night we had dinner with my sister Kristine and brother-in-law Joe, Kristine's best
friend from elementary school, Tracy, and her husband and baby daughter. Sunday,
Easter, we went petroglyph hunting with Hikerchick395 and her hubby Greg.  There are a
ton of petroglyphs on the Volcanic Tableland and Fish Slough areas north of Bishop.  We
also admired the plentiful fields of desert dandelion and primrose (not sure what species,
yet) and pristine views of the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains.  And we even saw the
Easter Bunny :)

Then we ate lunch at Schat's Bakery :D   And bought some very yummy chileno cheese
bread, and headed home.
Mt. Whitney
More photos here!

More about Lone Pine Film Museum
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More about the Fish Slough area

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All the people that called Manzanar home, not by choice
Manzanar Cemetery, behind is Mt. Williamson,
2nd highest peak in CA
Desert Dandelions, behind is White Mountain Peak, 3rd
highest peak in CA, and one that I've climbed :)
Hikerchick395 near some impressive petroglyphs
Desert Spiny Lizard
Lava monsters?  Or waves?  And see the eye?
Desert Mallow, and Yellow Primrose (unsure of ID)
Easter Bunny?
Fish Slough, home of the endangered Owens Pupfish
Todd and Co-pilot Connor (our nephew dog)