Another Bishop Road Trip

September 10-11, 2011
Me at South Lake, just up the road from where we lived when I was a baby - now I'm pregnant :)

Todd and I camped at North Lake with Nick, Cris, and Albert on Saturday. Then after sending them on their way this morning for their week-long BP trip, we shuttled Albert's car to South Lake, then visited the Alabama Hills and Fossil Falls on the way home - the stormy weather made for some dramatic skies!!

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The Alabama Hills - more Westerns were filmed here than anywhere else
Mobius Arch, the famous one that frames Mt. Whitney
Help!  The rock is eating Todd!
Last time I saw this rock, it had eyelashes and lips, and Kristine gave it a kiss
Fossil Falls
The ancestral Owen's River carved this dramatic fall through lava cliffs
Help, I'm being swallowed by lava - but I don't look very concerned, do I?