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Bishop, California
August 30-September 1, 2003

On Labor Day Weekend I drove to Bishop to meet my sister and brother-in-law for a
weekend of exploration.  My sister is writing a book on the Owen's Valley Water Wars
and we spent the weekend going to various places - the Eastern Sierra Museum in
Independence, the Alabama Gates just north of Lone Pine, Rock Creek, the Long Valley
Dam, and Devil's Postpile National Monument.  It was wonderful touring areas we knew
as children, but had not been back to for 15 years.

Bishop, we both concluded, has turned into quite the touristy town.  15 years ago it was
so different...  There are so many galleries and shops and whatnot now.  We went to the
Galen Rowell Gallery and that was spectacular.

We camped at Four Jeffrey Campground up near our old house on the South Fork of
Bishop Creek.  We gazed at the stars the first night we were up there, it was so clear,
and of course the so-close Mars was a sight to behold.

On Sunday we went to Devil's Postpile NM which was awesome.  I cannot believe how
many people were waiting in Mammoth to take the mandatory shuttle bus back there,
though.  It was a zoo!  It was like Disneyland!  Mammoth and the surrounding area has
grown so much since I was little...

We hiked to the Postpile and then down to Rainbow Falls.  That is certainly a beautiful
area.  The Monument is along the San Joaquin River in the shadow of the Sierra Crest.
View of the Sierra at sunrise  from 4 Jeffrey Campground
Inyo National Forest
Devil's Postpile National Monument
end view of basaltic columns
Rainbow Falls
Kris and Joe
Hikin at Devils Postpile
Kris and Joe
Picnickin at Rock Creek
Kris and Joe
Smoochin at Crowley Lake