Giant Sequoias &
High Country Lakes

Day 3 - Lower Blossom Lake - July 28, 2006
After a nice night at Summit Lake we awoke to clear skies and started off along
Windy Ridge to Lower Blossom Lake.   The trail was relatively level with only a few
short uphill sections.  We hiked through a beautiful forest of western white pine and
red fir dotted with meadows.  At Windy Gap we admired the view looking down the
Kern Canyon.  We also ran into the three guys with the dog again and they were
headed back towards Maggie Lakes.  We then stopped for lunch near Green Meadow
at a small creek where we filtered water.  The wildflowers there were phenomenal -
we saw lupine, paintbrush, leopard lilies, ranger's buttons, larkspur, buttercup,
cinquefoil, Richardson's geranium, and others.

After lunch we continued hiking along the ridge and began to hear thunder and see
dark clouds building.  We hiked along cautiously watching the clouds.  Fortunately they
never came overhead so we made it to Blossom Lakes without seeing any lightning or

At Lower Blossom Lake we found a great campsite near the east shore.  I took a swim
out to a granite rock island and then rested and sunned on a rock on the shoreline.  
That evening Candace made another great meal, cheese tortellini with sundried
tomatoes and pine nuts.
Candace on the trail along Windy Ridge
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Looking down off of Windy Ridge to the Kern River Canyon
and Angora Peak is visible to the lower right
Unnamed ridgeline that extends southeast from Windy Ridge and forms the
border between Sequoia National Park and Sequoia National Forest
We ate lunch at a small creek that feeds Green Meadow which is
at the headwaters of the South Fork Kaweah River
Up on the ridge the landscape was drier and we watched
and heard a thunderstorm move in from the east
That's Florence Peak in the distance
Our first view of the granite bowl that holds the 15 Blossom Lakes
Our first view of Lower Blossom Lake, elevation about 9,800'
My campsite at Lower Blossom Lake
2 miles to go...
Candace fixes us a yummy meal