Giant Sequoias &
High Country Lakes

Day 2 - Summit Lake - July 27, 2006
In the morning we woke up fairly early and geared up to hike up to Summit Lake.  We
only hiked about 2.5 miles the second day but it was steep!  We climbed about 1,800â
€™ in steep switchbacks up to the lake.  On the way we saw a young buck who was ahead
of us on the trail and watched us as we watched him for quite some time.  Once we left
the dense forest and started climbing up the last few rocky switchbacks before
Summit Lake we admired stunning wildflower gardens of scarlet gilia, pride of the
mountain, and a bright yellow buckwheat.  We also saw a helicopter turn over us,
presumably monitoring the fire burning nearby on Maggie Mountain.

We crossed over the border to Sequoia National Park and arrived at Summit Lake right
about lunchtime.   As we started to eat lunch we began to hear thunder and see dark
clouds moving in from the east.  That confirmed that we would stay put at Summit Lake
for the rest of the day so we set up our tents near the east shore.  It didn’t rain
until about 4:00 pm and only rained for about 20 minutes so in the meantime I took a
brief dip in the lake.  After the brief rain the sun came out again and dried everything
off again.

We didn’t see anybody else hiking on the first day but on the second while at
Summit Lake we saw 8 people including 3 that camped on the west shore of the lake and
3 guys that had a dog with them.  For shame, dogs aren’t allowed on park trails!  And
the poor dog…  they had a pack for him that was very lopsided and he was getting
eaten alive by mosquitoes :(
Candace on the trail to Summit Lake
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Buckwheat grows along the trail to Summit Lake
Moses Mountain
Dennison Mountain
Helicopter flies the Maggie Fire
Scarlet Gilia, above, and Pride of the Mountain, below,
give the subalpine forest some color
You cross over into Sequoia National Park just a few steps
before you get to Summit Lake, elevation about 9,300'
Along the north shore of the lake was a beautiful
extensive patch of Jeffrey Shooting Stars
Alpine Paintbrush, above and below
We saw a few scattered Mariposa Lilies