Boulder Basin Camping Trip
Black Mountain Fire Lookout

August 2013
This past week I went camping with my 17 month old son Todd Philip
(Little T) and my friend Sonya in a gorgeous remote area of the San
Bernardino National Forest, San Jacinto Ranger District.  We camped in
Boulder Basin Campground, which is 6 some odd miles up a rough
dead-end dirt road.  During the week there were only a couple other
people out and about and it was very enjoyable.

This area of the forest features humongous granite boulders of every
conceivable shape and arrangement, ancient Sugar and Ponderosa Pines,
and far-reaching views to Mt. San Jacinto and San Gorgonio.  It
reminded me of Joshua Tree NP, only up in the trees.  We had a lot of
fun exploring the surroundings, scrambling up the boulder piles, and
eating good food.

The second morning we got up early, ate breakfast, and packed up for
a hike up Black Mountain.  We took the Jeep stroller and the baby
backpack up the steep narrow dirt road, but my kid insisted on hiking.  
I figured he'd hike a few hundred yards until it got steep...  nope.  He
kept hiking.  And hiking.  And not by us cajoling him along - he was happy
to keep going!  He was having fun! For a good 1/2 mile and 500'
elevation gain :)  Thanks to Sonya and I we got lots of pictures of his
first "real" hike!  He finally started to get a little cranky right towards
the top of the road, so I gave him a lift the rest of the way.

We climbed the fire lookout tower much to the delight of the two
volunteer lookout hosts who probably had no other visitors that day.  
Then Little T proceeded to get into every bit of trouble he could in the
tower.  He wanted to climb on their chairs, mess with their maps and
radio, and run around the catwalk...  until he was finally worn out.  He
napped in the baby pack on the hike down.

Here are some photos :)