Bruneau, ID
On day four we explored Bruneau Dunes State Park.  They claim to have the highest sand
dunes in North America and I'll testify, it took a lot of time and effort to hike to the top
of them!
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"Sitting on top of one of the dunes at Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho.  Down
below are flocks of honking geese on a lake.  They're making a racket, and faintly in
the distance I can hear several fighter jets.  The lake is still frozen and it
shimmers in the intense sun.  All the geese are congregated around a center
portion that is unfrozen.  A flock or two will take off and land at intervals; as they
do so the honking increases.  The dunes are so sharply set against the bright blue
sky, only a few clouds float overhead to soften the view.  The sand is a soft tan,
fine and smooth.  More geese are arriving now and a jet is flying overhead."