North & South Calaveras Groves
The North and South
Calaveras Groves of Giant
Sequoias are located along
Hwy 4 in Calaveras Big
Trees State Park near
Angel's Camp, California.  
They are beautiful groves
to visit and to hike in,
especially in the fall and
spring!  I have yet to go
there in the spring when
the dogwoods are blooming,
but here are my photos
from a fall visit...
The Mother of the Forest
This was once the 2nd largest tree in this grove.  The
bark was stripped from it for exhibition purposes and
it died soon after.  It is a sad sight, especially after
learning that the bark was burned in a fire before many
even got to see the exhibition.
The Discovery Stump
This was once the largest tree in the grove.  It was also
perhaps the first giant sequoia ever seen by a white
man. It was discovered by Augustus T.  Dowd in 1852.  
It was later cut down for exhibition purposes.  The
stump was then used as a dance floor and the remaining
fallen trunk as a bowling alley.
Despite the few sequoias that were cut down or otherwise damaged
by humans, this grove is a thriving and beautiful place to visit...  It's
important to note that these "crimes" against sequoias happened
before it was protected as a State Park.  It took a lot of dedicated
individuals to make that happen so many thanks to them!
The Stanislaus River
The trail to the South Grove starts off by traversing a grassy
meadow then crosses Beaver Creek on a beautiful bridge.  It is a
1-mile hike to the grove and you can also do a 3.5 or 5 mile loop.
The North Grove features
a 1.5 mile loop trail that's
mostly level and makes for
an enjoyable stroll.  Along
the way you'll see many
giant sequoias, some fallen
giants, a tunnel tree, a cut
stump, and other notable
sights.  When I hiked the
trail the gorgeous
autumn-hued dogwoods
almost stole the show from
the sequoias!