Carey's Castle

Joshua Tree National Park
April 2-3, 2011
Nick, Albert, and I hiked to Carey's Castle in Joshua Tree National Park this weekend.
There isn't a trail to this particular destination and the going is tough as you must find
your way up remote rugged canyons and scramble up many rocks and dry falls.  But it is
definitely worth it as the destination is unique and beautiful.

Carey was a miner who built his one room rock castle into a cave that was previously
used by Native Americans about 1940.  There are some faint pictographs on the ceiling
of the cave and a mortero nearby.  The castle was big enough for a double bed and a
kitchen/living area.  There are still many artifacts in and around the castle along with
a register box.  I had fun reading the register entries.  Many people had tried to find
the castle before but got lost.  One guy had hiked there 22 times.  One lonely gal had
left what amounted to a personal ad and her email.  Some guy who evidently had too
much desert sun claimed he found a bunch of hot naked women in the cave with cold
beer, lol.  I simply signed "Wonderful."  It is a special spot.

We spent the night near the cave.  There is no water in this very remote area so we
had to pack a bunch in.  Saturday was a warm day and we took several breaks in the
shade.  Unfortunately that night I got a migraine, first ever on the trail, and about my
10th I've had in my life.  So I got sick and drank more water than normal that night.  
So in the morning I had very little left so decided to pack up before the sun rose too
high in the sky and headed back early.

What made this hike very memorable, beyond getting ill, was the many, many critters
on the rugged way to and fro - 2 rattlesnakes (one I spotted within just a few minutes
of starting to hike, it rattled and moved out of my way thankfully, but I was somewhat
jumpy and nervous after that) , 5 desert iguanas, 2 chuckwallas including one very
colorful baby (first time I'd ever seen a chuckwalla), a ton of zebra-tailed lizards and
side-blotch lizards, a baby wood rat (Nick can tell you more about this little girl), quail,
hummingbirds, crazy big colorful beetles, ladybugs, butterflies, jackrabbits, squirrels,
etc.  We decided that Sunbeam was a good luck charm when it came to animals,
because whenever he came on our trips we saw many   

The desert wildflowers were also at their peak including Canterbury bells, desert
mallow, brittlebush, Mojave aster, bigelow monkeyflower, desert tobacco, barrel
cactus, hedgehog cactus, and beavertail cactus.

Hope you enjoy the photos :)
More photos here :)

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Desert Iguana - we saw 5 of them :)
Baby chuckwalla
Adult chuckwalla
Rattlesnake, we saw 2 (there are 6 species of rattlesnakes in the park)
Zebra-tail Lizard, we saw dozens of these
Jackrabbit and baby wood rat
Bee in barrel cactus flower
Canterbury Bells, below
Beavertail cactus, above
Mojave Aster, below
Mating side-blotch lizards
This place is filled with fantastic rock sculptures, of
course being part of Joshua Tree NP
The guys made the rock scrambling look easy, myself having short legs had to
use my hands more, and coming down, sit on my rear end at times