White Mountains

Some pics from a recent trip to the White Mountains in eastern California with my friend
4wheelbob and two folks from Backpacker Magazine...
Corn Lilies and other meadow wildflowers growing near
Sherman Pass, Sequoia National Forest
Kennedy Meadows, Sequoia National Forest
The crazy Nine Mile Road, one of the steepest and most
narrow and scenic roads in the Sierra!
The beautiful eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevada
Big Pine, CA
Scene from the Grandview Campground
Elevation about 8,500'
Sage and Sky at Grandview
Up near the Schulmann Bristlecone Pine Grove
Elevation about 10,000'
Cabin near the Mexican Mine that was built with bristlecone pine
logs around the turn of the century
Larry, a writer from Backpacker Magazine, and 4wheelbob
Can you see why they are called bristlecones?
Raspberry buckwheat and asters
Bristlecones in the Patriarch Grove
My best bristlecone pine impersonation!
My truck is down there somewhere...
White Mountain Peak is playing Peak-a-Boo
The bristlecones prefer the white dolomite soil
The long road out to the White Mountain Peak Trailhead
View from the Barcroft Lab, elevation about 12,500'
Looking down to the Long Valley Area
Crowley Lake is shining in the afternoon sun
We met a very friendly Jack Rabbit at the White
Mountain Peak Trailhead...
What are you looking at??
Sunrise at Barcroft
We were going to try to summit White Mountain Peak that day
but Bob was feeling quite ill so we headed down to Big Pine...  
It was just as well as we heard that a terrific lightening and
hail storm brewed up by early afternoon up there!

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Looking across the Owen's Valley to the Sierra
That's Bishop down there where I grew up :)
The Barcroft Lab is a high altitude laboratory that's ran by the
University of California.  It's kind of an eerie place, there's
sheep in a pen outside that stare at every move that you make,
there were cars there but no on answered when we knocked, and
I felt like I was in an episode of the X-Files or something, lol   
We had permission to drive up there and camp there that night.
Larry at a pretty wide-trunked bristlecone