Mt. Charleston

October 9-12, 2015
We camped and dayhiked among golden quaking aspen, ancient
bristlecone pines, and towering walls of limestone near Mt.
Charleston, NV this last weekend.  We've never been here before
and it's just a short drive from Vegas, which is about three hours
from where we live.  This is part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National
Forest, which is the largest NF in the Lower 48. The mountains here
rise steeply from the desert all the way up to almost 12,000'. It was
the perfect destination in the fall. The weather was lovely - sunny
and cool. We found a campsite at Hilltop Campground which is
located in a thick juniper and Pinyon pine forest with amazing views,
especially at sunset and sunrise. We took three hikes, on Saturday
we hiked the Bristlecone Pine Trail, which was the longest and
highest trail topping off around 9,200'. Here we saw many old
bristlecones, along with some large quaking aspen and a wild horse
near the trailhead. On Sunday we hiked the Mary Jane Falls Trail,
which was reportedly ablaze with quaking aspen and we were not
disappointed! We never made it to the falls but spent our time
wandering off trail and exploring the fall colors. On Monday we
hiked to Robber's Roost which is a short but very steep trail up to
limestone cliffs and caves. My 3 1/2 year old son did great on all the
hikes. He seems to love the small things that we see the most - old
fallen logs and rocks covered in moss captured his attention more
than the sweeping views. Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos!
We had to change a tire on the trailer on the way home, but
that didn't phase T, he seems to have fun no matter where
we go :)

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