Coachella Valley Preserve
Borrego Palm Canyon

December 16-18, 2013
T and I took advantage of the amazing warm weather the week before
Christmas to go hiking and camping out in the low desert near Palm
Springs.  We hiked to the McCallum Pond in the Coachella Valley
Preserve and up Borrego Palm Canyon.  Both of these areas have native
palm oases featuring lush greenery and abundant wildlife.  This was my
first visit to the Coachella Preserve, but my third hike up Borrego Palm
Canyon.  At Coachella T hiked much of the two mile trail himself :)  In
Borrego Palm Canyon the trail has been wiped out by recent flash
flooding so the hike was difficult, especially since I was carrying T!  But
he loved playing in the water up there so it was worth it :)
My LNT Kid :)
T slept most of the hike up Borrego Palm Canyon
He woke up and was so excited to play in the water!
Last time I was here this (20 years ago!) waterfall emptied into a
pool - now it's all silted in, but still magical
There were only a few people on the trail

One man and his daughter helped me up in a tight spot where I had to
scramble up a rock, and later they took this photo of us :)

One couple said they had seen sheep right before us, unfortunately we
didn't see them :(  We saw them
back in 1993, though
Palm Canyon Campground is definitely worth the stay.  Be sure to
ask if there are any of the sites with a historic CCC ramada
available if you ever go there!  They are awesome :)

More photos here!

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