Jeepin 5

Coldwater & Paiute Canyons
September 18-19, 2010
Another adventure with the Jeeps!  Todd, Mom, Dad, Abbey and
I drove up Coldwater and Paiute Canyons in the upper part of
Lytle Creek - these are beautiful remote areas only accessible
with high-clearance and 4wd vehicles.  Todd and I camped in
Paiute Canyon underneath a beautiful oak tree - it was a very
quiet night, I think we had the whole canyon to ourselves :)
Coldwater Canyon
A little bit of water is still in the creek
Looking down Lytle Creek Canyon, Mt. San Gorgonio is in the distance
Paiute Canyon
Crocky hasn't been out in a while
Heading out Sunday morning
The head of the canyon is where we were last weekend
Mt. Harwood and Mt. Baldy
Blazing Star Mentzelia laevicaulis