Day 5: High Lake to Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead
August 29, 2005
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On our last morning we woke up, ate breakfast (Cris had leftovers from the night
before), packed up, and we hit the trail.  We moseyed on down to Long Lake where there
were a bunch of people camped.  I was glad for the relative solitude of High Lake!  Then
we hiked past the South Fork Lakes then across a boulder field to meet the Cottonwood
Lakes again.  At this point Cris finally ran out of film so he couldn’t take any more
pictures :(

It was a long hike back.  I swear the trail grew by a mile or two!  After we hiked down
out of the Cottonwood Lakes Basin it was a very long hike back…  We were very glad
when we reached the trailhead.  Unfortunately it was then that Cris had discovered heâ
€™d left the headlights on in his car!  So we found a nice guy who helped us jump start it.  
Then we drove down into Lone Pine.

When I got into Lone Pine I called my mom to tell her I made it out of the mountains
alive.  She told me my sister and brother-in-law were driving up to Bishop!  And just then
my sister rang.  Turns out she was in Lone Pine, too!  So I got to have lunch with my sister
and Joe :)  It was awesome as we didn’t plan it at all!  We had milkshakes and burgers
at the Mt. Whitney restaurant and Cris was nice enough to treat us!

Wow, I am just floored by these pictures looking back at them now...  what a great trip!  
I'm so glad that I found a good hiking partner to be able to do it with and I hope we get
to hike together again, Cris :)
See that low spot towards the left?  That's not New Army Pass.
The "Pass" is the higher cliff to the right...  thus I dub it New Army Cliff!
One last day I have to pick up this thing and carry it, lol!
Long Lake
Where's Waldo?  I mean Cris?
Foxtail Pines are close relatives of Bristlecone Pines
One of the South Fork Lakes