Crater Lake National Park, OR

May 22, 2016
After visiting John Day Fossil Beds, we stayed the
night at a quaint cabin at the Crater Lake Resort in
Fort Klamath which had a great play area and
beautiful setting on the creek. In the morning we
made our way into the snowy park and patiently waited
for the clouds to clear. We were eventually treated to
a stunning view of the lake!
Crater Lake Resort has the best swing set in the
world!  Two swings suspended between two huge
Ponderosa Pines :)
Up into a winter wonderland!  We drove up to the
park before the plows were out.  We stopped at
the lodge and had hot cocoa while we waited for
the weather to change
Hard to believe this is almost summer!  And this is
only about 90% of their normal snowpack!  Only one
mile of the rim drive was open and we drove it to
this viewpoint and waited.  I was excited to have
gotten this far and wasn't going to give up on seeing
the lake this time.  Back in May 1999 my college
roommate Gina, her boy friend Matt and I tried to
go to Crater Lake but were thwarted by snow and
never even made it to the park entrance.  
We left the viewpoint and went to the gift shop
when it opened up - and wondered if this would be
the only view of the lake we'd see, lol
We went back out to the viewpoint and made peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches and were encouraged by
sunlight trying to break through the clouds
First glimpse of shoreline far below us
First glimpse of Wizard Island on the left
It was magical as the clouds lifted and revealed more and
more of the lake!
This was a National Park experience that I will never forget!

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