The Cunningham Grove is one of the smallest giant sequoia groves. It is about 1 mile east
of the Long Meadow Grove which receives thousands of visitors every year. That is
because the Trail of 100 Giants, a paved and universally accessible trail, winds its way
through a portion of the Long Meadow Grove. There are no trails that lead to the
Cunningham Grove. To get to it you must drive on a Forest Service dirt road that's in
pretty bad shape (high clearance vehicles are a must and 4wd would help), choose the
correct fork in the road out of several, and then leave your vehicle when it gets too
overgrown to drive down it. You then have to follow the road to its end and then hike
cross-country through very dense overgrown forest down a very steep slope to reach the
trees. There aren't very many, maybe 15 large sequoias, but they are beautiful. I doubt
if half a dozen people visit this grove every year. On Saturday 3 people did, Jay, David,
and myself. We found it without too much trouble, thanks to me putting on my sequoia
radar. Jay and David wanted to follow the right fork in the road and I said left, which led
to a north facing slope, knowing that sequoias like wetter conditions. Once we reached
the north facing slope I hiked west down a ridgeline a little ways, spotted the top of a
sequoia, then we headed towards it. A thunderstorm was brewing in the area making
things exciting. We've had quite a few huge storms lately in the southern Sierra. Soon
enough we spotted a good sign...
One of the Smallest
Sequoia Groves
What a beautiful area of the forest!

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The first sequoia we saw had bear claw marks up and down it
The biggest sequoia we saw