Death Valley National Park, CA
On day eighteen we drove to Death Valley National Park.

"Intersecting alluvial fans.  Interwoven parabolic dunes.  Dry washes interrupted with
greasewood.  Brilliant blue sky meeting deeply slashed tan mountains.  Alkaline deposits
spread wide on the valley floor.  The rolling dark road goes on and on down the length of the
valley to its terminus.  Everything's big, huge, grand.  Attempts to single out one feature
are lost.  As I photograph, my eyes are drawn again and again away from the small features
that I could easily capture on film, to those that I could never do justice to.  What is so
special about Death Valley is the overwhelming effect of its vastness.  The harsh light
making the pastel hues of land contrast with the stark sky.  The endless canyons framing
their contents: tarantula and coyote, roadrunner and rock, fence and footprint."
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