Lostine River Trail to Mirror Lake

Eagle Cap Wilderness, OR
August 22-25, 2017
Cool one log bridge across the pristine Lostine River
Nine of us embarked on the WWWW (Wild Women Warriors of the
Wilderness) backpack trip to Mirror Lake in the glorious Eagle Cap
Wilderness.  This is a gorgeous area of Oregon, probably the prettiest for
backpacking IMHO.  The trail from Two Pan Trailhead climbs steadily up to
a long and wide glacially sculpted valley, where we spent the first night.  
We ate lunch and Nikii knitted at the base of steep
switchbacks lol
I waited for Jane and Mandy at the top of the switchbacks for a
long time.  They had stopped almost at the top for lunch so I
called out to them that we were camping at the beginning of the
glacial valley.  They said okay, so I went further.  I found the
others at a great campspot and we left a red bandanna on the
tree nearby to signal to Jane and Mandy where we were.  They,
unfortunately, didn't see it and hiked another two miles!  But all's
well that ends well and we found them the next morning.
Mirror Lake lived up to its name!
Eagle Cap reflected in Mirror Lake
Four of us hiked further to Moccasin Lake
Where's my tent?
Pikas!  One of my favorite animals!
Mirror Lake!  Loved our campsite here, our private
swimming cove, and all the amazing alpine wildflowers!
The last night we had a terrific thunderstorm, the lightning was very close
and the thunder very loud!  I was glad we were on the valley floor!
Down the steep switchbacks!
We made it!  What a great trip!

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