Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area

May 2016
We spent the weekend exploring another close-to-home spot in our new neck
of the woods. And we also found out that for less than it costs for a campsite
at a California State Park you can get a cabin at an Oregon State Park :)
Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area is along the Oregon Trail in the Blue
Mountains about a half hour from home. Here you can camp or stay in a cute
cabin and hike the trails.  And oh what a gorgeous spot this is in the
springtime! We saw tons of wildflowers as we hiked the trails in and near the
park including: orchids, violets, camas, wild strawberry, Oregon grape,
Mariposa lilies, balsam root, Indian paintbrush, yarrow and a few new-to-me
plants (prairie smoke, yellow lupine, Blue Mountain milk vetch, Oregon
anemone). We also saw deer, elk, and tons of butterflies, squirrels and birds.
Even though it was the weekend the only other people we saw on the trail were
mushroom hunters. They looked perplexed when I told them we were just out
to find flowers.  But I guess unlike most Mothers I prefer to "get" flowers
that are alive and wild on Mother's Day.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics!
My sister and brother-in-law gave T a camera for
Christmas - here is a photo he took of us on the trail,
and below, a spiderweb :)
More photos here!

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