Escondido Wildflowers & Birds

March 16, 2008
Blue Dicks
Short video clip of mom's birds

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On Saturday I drove the hour or so south to visit my parents in beautiful northern
San Diego county.  On Sunday we took a walk up a fire road into the hills east of
where they live...  the flowers are amazing right now in this area.  We saw
California Poppies, Bush Monkeyflower, Wild Pea, Arizona Lupine, White Shooting
Stars, Phacelia, Blue Dicks, Canterbury Bells, Fiddleneck, Wild Mustard,
primroses, sunflowers, and a few others.  Even just driving up I-15 between
Escondido and Corona one will see many impressive wildflower displays.  It's
definitely a beautiful time to be in Southern California :)
Arizona Lupine
Shooting Stars
Canterbury Bells
Wild Pea
California Poppy
Bush Monkeyflower
Two unidentified yellow beauties
An assortment of finches visit my mom
and dad's feeders