North Etiwanda Preserve

February 27, 2011
Nick, Sonya, Kathy, and I went on a dayhike Sunday up Etiwanda Canyon.  This area is
protected by the county as a nature preserve and its claim to fame is one of the last
protected areas of alluvial fan/sage scrub habitat in the San Gabriel and San
Bernardino Mountains.  It borders the San Bernardino National Forest and right near
the boundary is a beautiful waterfall.  It's composed of two tiers that were gushing
on Sunday.  Photos I've seen show just a little dinky fall, but on Sunday it was quite
impressive due to recent heavy rain and snow melt.

None of us had done the trail before, but Nick knew which canyon the falls was
located in, so we proceeded by just following this canyon upwards.  We had to
bushwack quite a bit and ended up leaving the canyon at one point and finding a road to
walk on.  Turns out we could've just followed this road from the beginning, had we
known.  But oh well, our way was more of a challenge :p   And still led to the reward of
the waterfall as well as views of the snow on the high peaks of the Cucamonga
Wilderness and several types of wildflowers blooming.   It was also a very clear day
and freshly fallen snow on the peaks in the San Bernardino, San Jacinto, and Santa
Ana Mountains made the views tremendously beautiful :)

In all the hike was a round trip of 4 miles or so with just shy of 1,000' elevation gain.  
We all had a good time enjoying the sunshine and spray.  Afterwards we went to Bass
Pro Shop and then to a late lunch/early dinner at Richie's Diner.

Here are some photos...
More photos here!

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Keller, San Bernardino, San Gorgonio,
and San Jacinto Peaks in the distance