Exploration Trail

October 28, 2014
I'm so proud of my son. We set off yesterday on a hike that I
remembered as 3.5 miles long, which would have been his longest trail to
date. But we looked it up afterwards and it's actually 4.5! And he hiked
nearly the whole thing himself :) I did help him on a couple of steep
rocky sections, but he did most of the work himself.

Well, truth be told, we'd hiked this trail together before, when I was 5
months pregnant :)  Which explains my Mommy-brain memory on the trail
length.  Both times we did a car shuttle, so we hiked one-way. This time
we timed it better, when the fall colors were at their peak. Black oak
trees are all along the trail and they are gorgeous this time of year. This
is the Children's Forest Exploration Trail and it's perhaps the best trail
in our forest to see the oaks in all their autumn splendor. There are also
huge sugar pines brimming with their super long cones, views that
stretch all the way to the San Gabriel Mountains and beyond to the
desert, and plentiful wildlife.

We hiked with our friend Sonya, who is patient enough to hike with a boy
who pauses often to pick up rocks and sticks, smell lichen, and kick dust.
Oh, and shuffle his feet through the leaves, that was tons of fun. Hope
you enjoy the pics!
All the above images taken by Sonya
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Exploration Trail 2011

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photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya