In Search of Fall Colors

Sequoia National Forest, October 1, 2006
On Sunday Todd and I drove up into the mountains in search of fall colors.  It rained
lightly off and on but it was actually a welcoming relief.  Summer has officially ended
and fall has begun...  Plus the rain kept everyone else away and we basically had the
forest to ourself!

We are blessed to have beautiful stands of quaking aspen in the western Sierra
Nevada as well as on the east side.  Other trees and shrubs that turn magnificent
shades of yellow, orange and red include buckeye, willow, redbud, dogwood, and black
oak.  And we found a little bit of everything on Sunday!
A beautiful bright yellow stand of aspen along the Needles Road
California buckeye trees are the first to turn and this time of year
not much is left except for their seed pods.  Visitors often ask me
about the "dead pear trees" that they see growing in the foothills!  
Well, first things first, they're not dead and they're not pear trees!  
Click here to read more about California Buckeye Trees.
Right at 7,200 feet or so we start to see the
first aspen trees that have turned.
The Mighty 190 takes us ever higher into the mountains
Early in the summer this waterfall along Boulder Creek is
roaring!  Now it's rather quiet but still pretty.
Wolf Lichen on red fir trees near Quaking Aspen
click here to read more about the lichen
The squirrels were very busy chopping down cones and
storing seeds, this was the largest red fir cone I have ever
seen, it was larger than a football!  When I picked it up half
of the scales fell off revealing its intricate insides
Ooooh, a bright yellow stand of aspen alongside the Needles Road
Aspen line the Western Divide Highway between
Quaking Aspen and Ponderosa
Todd stands on the bridge crossing Holby Creek
Thickets of young aspen amongst Lodgepole Pine
Gold in the forest
Black Oak turn gold as well
Aspen near Peppermint Campground
Here you can camp for free!  And there are some
lovely sites beneath the aspen and near the creek
Someday this will be an aspen grove...
My Subaru looks like it's having a good time
Well, then, let's go for a hike!
There is a fisherman trail alongside Peppermint
Creek that is nice to hike along
There is an old foundation for a house or ? near Peppermint
Campground.  Anybody know what used to be here?