Anniversary in the Aspens

October 6-7, 2007
Todd and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of our first date this weekend up in the
mountains. It was a glorious weekend, the sky was clear and blue, the air crisp, the
breezes light. We drove up Highway 38 and hiked into Southern California's only grove
of quaking aspen which is located in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. We had a picnic lunch
and admired all the trees changing into their autumn hues - not just the aspen but also
the black oaks, the sycamores, the maples, and the willows. We stayed in a little
romantic cabin near Big Bear on Saturday night and explored the Big Bear Discovery
Center on Sunday. And then as we headed home the views were magnificent! It was so
clear you could probably see for 100 miles. And the fall colors were best between Big
Bear Lake and Running Springs along Hwy 18, the Rim of the World Highway - I highly
recommend the drive. Overall what a wonderful weekend to be in the mountains :)
Big Leaf Maple - above
True to their name, they have the largest leaves of any American Maple
- up to 14 inches wide!
San Bernardino Peak on the left
San Jacinto Peak on the right

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The cute cabin where we spent the night
Big Bear Lake
Looking south across the Bear Creek Drainage towards
San Bernardino Peak
Looking south down to the Highland area below
Looking west towards Cucamonga Peak and Mt. Baldy
Todd and I live near the base of Cucamonga Peak