Spring for the Grass,
Fall for the Trees
I headed up Highway 190 into the mountains yesterday early in the morning. It was just a
quiet morning for me, myself, and I... I took my time driving up the winding road taking in
the views. The changing oak and sycamore leaves are at their peak and were shining
brilliant gold and rust against the deep blue sky. At the same time the grass in the
foothills is greening up with recent winter storms which seems at odd with the fall colors
of the oak and sycamore. Ah, but it's California, it's spring for the grass and fall for the

I drove all the way up to 7,000 feet or so where banks of snow were melting in the warm
sun. I walked around Quaking Aspen Meadow and took a few pictures of the quiet scene.

Here's a few pics :)
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