A Mini-Family Reunion
Veterans Day Weekend November 9-12, 2006
Dad and I take a ride on his new BMW motorcycle
Kristine and Dad pose before they take a ride in the new Jeep
Mom and Dad have many birds that visit their feeders
My sister flew out from Boston and Todd and I drove down to Escondido to visit
Mom and Dad.  We all had a good time hanging out together and catching up!
On Saturday we drove up to Palomar Mountain
The Observatory Dome is about the same size as the
Pantheon in Rome!
The 200 inch Hale Telescope was the largest in the
world when it went into operation in 1949
That's Mt. San Jacinto in the distance
That's a giant sequoia tree, probably planted about the same
time they started building the Observatory 80 years ago
On Sunday we ate brunch and had fun exploring the
farmer's market at Rainbow which is along Old
Highway 395 between Escondido and Temecula