Took my parents backpacking!

Fish Creek Camp, San Gorgonio Wilderness
May 31-June 1, 2011
I took my parents on an overnight backpack trip to Fish Creek Camp in the San Gorgonio
Wilderness. This was my Mom's first time backpacking, my Dad's second. He did backpack
once in the Grand Canyon when he was in the Boy Scouts, but that was a long time ago...  My
parents have always been avid car campers, and my Dad and I once did an overnight kayak
trip on the Owen's River, but they've always thought backpacking to be too hard.  Well, I
packed in the heavy items, they carried their sleeping gear and personal items, and that
seemed to do the trick!

Anyway, I'm very proud of my parents for making it to the camp and I hope they enjoyed
the trip :)  I surely did, it was my first time on this trail and we had beautiful early
summer weather.  And, since it was after Memorial Day Weekend, we pretty much had the
place to ourselves :D   We saw some early wildflowers - snowplants, Western
Wallflowers, and corn lilies just coming up.  The willows were just beginning to bud and the
grass in the meadows spring green.  It was a good trip!  And a much needed respite after
the craziness of Memorial Day Weekend.
Fish Creek Trailhead
Adjusting packs
And they're off!
Feeding Abbey in camp
Mom bookin it down the trail
Dad and Abbey at Fish Creek Meadows
Corn lilies
Takin a break
Fish Creek
We made it back!
Looking back where we hiked, Mt. San Gorgonio is just
barely peaking above the mountains in the foreground