Forsee Creek

August 20-21, 2011
Sonya, Nick, and I went on an overnight backpack trip this weekend in the San
Gorgonio Wilderness.  Nothing too strenuous, since I'm in my 4th month of pregnancy,
and up in the mountains where it is cool in August :)  We had perfect weather on our
hike out the Forsee Creek Trail to the Johns Meadow area.  The Johns Meadow
campsite is currently closed to camping, due to a large number of dead hazardous
trees in the area.  But I pulled an Explorer Permit which allowed us to set up not in
the camp but still in the vicinity of Forsee Creek.  

We only saw a few people out that way, and we admired the late summer flowers, lush
vegetation along the creeks, lots of berries, and many birds and squirrels.  We even
saw a small trout in Forsee Creek!  I've always been told that the wilderness
streams don't support any fish, but I guess there are a few.  The stream was
refreshing and beautiful, the evening quiet and not too cold, and I slept well.

Too bad Nick didn't sleep well, and on the way back stuck his head in the creek and
while shaking off the water managed to get whiplash :p    So he's hurting today, poor
guy.  Hopefully he'll get all better before his, Albert's and Cris' big trip next month!  
They are hiking North Lake to South Lake in the Sierra - a trip I was originally also
scheduled to do, but won't now since I am expecting.  But I think I'll still go up there
to the trailhead, help them shuttle, and send them off.

More photos here!

My first hike on this trail in 2007 - we saw a bear!

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