Foxtail Pine
Foxtail Pine (Pinus balfouriana) is a subalpine
conifer endemic to California.  Its geographic
range is disjunct as it is found growing
naturally in the southern Sierra Nevada and
the Klamath Mountains of northern California.  
It isn't found growing anywhere in between
despite an abundance of superficially suitable
habitat.  The two populations are separated by
approximately 300 miles.  On the east side of
the Sierra Nevada, this species is only 20 air
miles from the closely related bristlecone pine
of the White Mountains.

The tree is abundant in the frequently visited
subalpine zone of the southern Sierra Nevada
where Foxtail pines share the subalpine
habitat with Sierra Lodgepole Pine.  Foxtails
are usually found on dry, well-drained slopes
while Lodgepoles are most commonly found on
moist, poorly-drained sites.

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Foxtail Pine on Mt. Silliman
Sequoia National Park