Friends and Family
My best friend Mindi and I beneath
Delicate Arch
Arches National Park, UT
Friends Jeanette and
Canyonlands National
Park, UT
Me, my Dad, and my
Andrew in the San Rafael
Reef area, UT
My Dad, his
kayak, and his
old Subaru
My parents on
Catalina Island
circa 1985
Me and my old
friend Amber
circa 1982
Never thought
I'd put a naked
picture of
myself on the
internet, lol!
My sister, my mom,
and I at Crowley
Lake circa 1986
My other best friend Andrew
sitting in a precarious spot above
Lake Marie, Medicine Bow NF, WY
I think my
sister is too
cute for the
internet! circa
Mindi and Andrew
Yes, apparently
I was this happy
once upon a
time!  circa 1977
My Dad and I
in the kayak,
circa 1979
My sister Kristine
Red Rock Canyon, NV
Jeanette and Shawn up at
Beartooth Pass, MT
My parents,
before kids!
My Mom and
I on the porch
Bishop Creek
circa 1977
My sister and I
were star baton
twirlers :)
circa 1982
Me reading at
Walker Lake
circa 1986
My parents and me
Summer 2005
Ojai, CA
My mom and Grandma
Thanksgiving 2005
My Dad and Grandpa
Thanksgiving 2005
Uncle Kenny... surfing... in
winter... in Nevada
Thanksgiving 2005
Todd and me
Fall 2005
Big Sur, CA
Kristine & Joe
Dad & Mom
Fall 2003
Camp Nelson, CA
Now those were
some short
Oceanside Pier,
circa 1984
Kristine and I on
a wagon, check
out those cool
shoes!  Seaport
Village, San
Diego, circa 1981
Gotta love
expression on
my face,
popcorn to
the ducks at
Bishop park,
circa 1980
Me and Dad on his new motorcycle, November 2006
Kristine and Mom, November 2006
Dad, Kristine,
and me circa
1977 (I miss
those footie
Mom and Dad, above, Kristine and Joe, below
August 2009
Kristine, Mom and Dad, above
Dad with Abbey and Connor, below
Tina, Brandon, and Rod
At Brandon's graduation from LA County's Fire Explorer Academy
Joe, Brandon, Mike, Brian, Todd, me, Kristine, Tina,
Cassie, Crystal, and Mindi at our wedding May 2007
Todd and I at Wupatki NM in Arizona
on our Honeymoon May 2007
Todd's Mom and Stepdad at our wedding May 2007