Little T's second camping trip

Fry Creek Campground
Cleveland National Forest
July 16-17, 2012
On Monday I drove south, picked up Sonya and Nick, and we headed to Palomar
Mountain, part of the Cleveland National Forest.  We picked a site at the top of Fry
Creek Campground, set up camp, and headed off on a couple of small hikes.  This is a
beautiful area full of huge old oak trees, large lichen-covered boulders, incense
cedar, and big cone Douglas fir.  We also saw a lot of wildlife including a ton of acorn
woodpeckers, mountain bluebirds, squirrels, and lizards.  The wildflowers were also
fabulous - Humboldt lillies, wild roses, and others.

That evening we had turkey dogs and a new version of s'mores - roasted
marshmellows sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies - yummy!  It was a pleasant
night and the baby even slept through the night without being fed.  Well, almost, he
woke up once with a loud cry but went back to sleep as soon as I turned on my
headlamp - I think he just forgot where he was and got scared  

In the morning we went up to the observatory, which until 1993 housed the largest
telescope in the world.  We got a great tour from the volunteer docent who even let
Sonya in behind the lobby to get a picture of the huge telescope.  Then we headed to
Palomar State Park and toured the Boucher Fire Lookout - which is a unique design -
looks more like a lighthouse.  Then we headed back down the winding steep road off
the mountain and ate at El Rey Mexican Restaurant in Pauma Valley - excellent food!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics of Todd Jr's second camping trip - and there are
more here!
Smooching him underneath the mistletoe
Boucher Hill Fire Lookout
Meeting his first giant sequoia tree
More pics here!

Another trip to Palomar Mountain in 2006

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