My Guestbook Archive

222. Name: Buddy Bothwell
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Comments: Stumbled across your web site when I did a Google search for the Mill Creek
hike. Your experiences provided a list of day hikes I'll take in the future. Thanks.

221. Name: Cindy Guidotti
Location: Hayward California
Comments: Thank you for the beautiful pictures and taking me where I don't go.  My passion
is to spend as much time at the ocean as possible and hope to retire near the ocean (Oregon
coast)someday.  I am passing your website on to my two daughters (14 and 21) who also love
nature, animals and my oldest who loves to travel, hike and explore.Thanks again for sharing
places I would otherwise never see! Cindy (The waterfalls are just breathtaking)

220. Name: sonny rouch
Location: Camp Nelson
Comments: At the lookout you look down on Sequoia Crest I built most of the roads there.
You can see the Stagg Tree the fifth largest of all the redwoods. You see Popy Lake which
I built, named after my father  who bought this section 640 acres in 1941. I would be
pleased to get your e-mail address.

Sonny ~ you have mail!

219. Name: Michelle Blackwell
Location: Seattle Washington
Comments: Wow! I am so impressed with your webpage and all the info. you have on them. I
can enjoy Springville the town I grew up in from reading and enjoying the beautiful photos
you have created for everyone one to see. "Great Work" Please keep it up!

Michelle Blackwell

218. Name: John Petersen
Location: Hemet, CA
Comments: I read your website today about Tule River and the Wishon Trail.  I am going up
there over memorial day weekend and look forward to the pretty country! Thank you!

217. Name: Ben Cooper
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comments: Thanks for taking the time to describe your Mountain Home hikes, and for
putting your photos on the web.  Living in Georgia I rarely get to visit the sequoias and so I
greatly enjoyed the "virtual hike" that I took as I read your pages and viewed the pics.  
I'm inspired to try my first sequoia-communing hike outside of Yosemite and Sequoia/KC
NP's, the next time I get a chance to ramble in California.  Thanks again!

216. Name: Matt
Location: Temecula, CA
Comments: My family and I are planning on doing bunch of camping up your way this year.  I
was Googling a few of the campgrounds (Belknap, Quaking Aspen) and luckily happened upon
your site.  Thank you for the wonderful introduction to your backyard...  My wife and I are
even more excited about spending time there now.  I'd love to get a few recommendations
for places we might want to camp, and explore.  Thanks again.

Matt ~ You have mail!

215. Name: Brandon B.
Location: Santa Ynez, CA
Comments: Thanks Carol/Tarol! What AMAZING and gorgeous photographs. Had typed in
"Tulare County Wildflowers" to come up with the name of the orange flowers I'd seen in
Yoakal ... in route from my dad's house in Lindsay (where I grew up) to Balch Park. Came to
your site and found Fiddlenecks right away, then later came across the photos of
Fiddlenecks and Popcorn Flowers in your lovely photos of that very road! What a pleasant
surprise. Looked at lots of your work and it truly is breathtaking. Thanks.

Was disappointed to read that they are planning to develop on Yoakal Rd. I just lost my
mom on Good Friday and was driving for therapy... when I drove up that road on a sunny 65
degree Friday, I thought I surely must be in heaven myself... kept looking to see mom! Well,
I hope you get lots more pictures of the drive so it will be preserved forever - at least in

Thanks again.

Brandon ~ You have mail

214. Name: Joanne Sablan-Cohen
Location: Palmdale, Ca
Comments: I Like your adventures. I a am sure you will live a very rewarding life. I am an
Artist and love painting places I travel to. Please Keep me informed. Joanne Sablan-Cohen.
J&J Social and Travel Club. A private social club for the professionals of the Antelope
Valley. Maybe you would like to give us a slide show one day?

Joanne ~ You have mail!

213. Name: Lori
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Comments: Awesome Lady. Glad I could be a part of your travels. Have an excellent day and
see you again soon

212. Name: Lynda Witzel
Location: Pacifica, CA
Comments: Hi there!  I'm finding your Sierra National Park trip info very helpful in planning
a Sierra Club National backpacking trip.  Since I haven't hiked there I need all the info I
can get on xc travel from Silliman Pass to lake WL10559 Just north of Table Meadows.  
From Table Meadows, I'm thinking that your route down the Kaweah to Pear Lake sounds
like a plan.

If you can point me in the right direction re the best place to cross the Divide, I'd be

Thanks, LW

Lynda ~ You have mail!

211. Name: Bob
Location: Lompoc, CA
Comments: Thanks for the voluntary effort in keeping your website going.  It helps me plan
adventures of my own.

210. Name: Bill Ballowe aka billinmt
Location: Rocky Mountain Front in Montana
Comments: Nice site....

209. Name: Marc
Location: Massachusetts
Website or email address:
Comments: Great site!  I have been out to the Sierra Nevada mountains a few times and I
swear it is God's country.  I really love the owens valley region and will be back there this
summer to hike Whitney.  If I have enough time I hope to get back to check out the
bristlecone pines but hit Patriach Grove this go around.  I will keep checking out your site
before I fly out west.  Take care - Marc

208. Name: Jamie
Location: Las Vegas
Comments: Hey its me, it was good seeing you again.  I come check out your page every now
and again when I get home sick and miss trees and the color green.  So I see that you are
getting married soon?  When is the big day?  Love ya, JAMIE

Jamie - you have mail :)

207. Name: tom shirey
Location: Buckley, Wa.
Comments: I am your cousin on the Shirey side. My mother was Darnell, your grandmother's
sister. Your Aunnte Yvonne, gave me this web address. Really nice site. Thank you. Tom

206. Name: Joanne Cohen
Location: Palmdale, Ca
Comments: I enjoyed every pixel. A nature lover and sincere Rockhound. Joanne Cohen

205. Name: Laurie
Location: Bristol CT
Comments: awesome web page...Love the pictures of all the signs...Have a wonderful day.

204. Name: Roger A. Ferris
Location: Florida, central. Polk County
Comments: Was in the Sawtooth Mountains and couple years back, (2004). Saw your
website and thought I'd see what your location looks like. There's nothing more beautiful
than Mother Nature; and when she's bringing life to new creatures in the mountains, that is
the grandest.

203. Name: Stella
Location: San Francisco
Comments: Hi Carol!
Just wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials!  Kristine shared the happy news
with us when she was on her west coast trip.  Hope all is well.

202. Name: John Godfrey
Location: Blue Springs, Missouri
Comments: Your website is very nice! I have really enjoyed the pictures,stories info,etc.,
that is contained in the site.I would like to thank you for all the work you have put in the
web site so we all can share. Thanks again, John.

201. Name: Bill Etienne
Location: Danville, IN
Comments: Nice site. Hope to get back to Sequoia and Yosemite in june. My wife and I are
taking her parents. Wish I could hike the back country like you.

Take Care

200. Name: Jack Gates
Location: Cathedral City, CA
Comments: I am 7 years old and doing my science project on the Giant Sequoia.  I used
some pics from your website to help me draw for my science board.  Some day soon my
parents and me and my little brother are going to go to the park.  I like your website -
Thanks. Jack Gates

199. Name: David Lott
Location: Longview, Washington
Comments: I enjoyed your website and your photographs brought back a lot of memories.
My grandfather was the caretaker at Doyle Springs for about 30 years and I spent most
of my school vacations there until I entered the military in 1973.

Newt hunting, especially after a spring rain, was a favorite pass-time and I recall capturing
coffee cans full of them.

198. Name: Katie O'Connell
Location: Los Angeles
Comments: Your photos are amazing.. thanks for sharing them on your great website.  It is
so fantastic to see someone enjoying life and nature and protecting our earth.
~ Katie O'Connell

197. Name: Lyle Miller
Location: In reno right now   from in the phoenix area
Comments: Hi...stumbled upon your web site while surfing for information on the cottonwood
pass TH....i am in reno for about 6 months on a contruction project...a new Cabelas...I drove
home via 395 and visited the ranger station at lone pine drove up to the whitney portal and
decided right then i had to get on top of that one. I spend most of my time in the high uinta
wilderness area of utah...the winds in wyo..have been doing a little hiking and backpacking in
the superstistion mts. east of phoenix. My passion is backpacking so i decided that i would
summit whitney via a round trip from cottonwood....looks like about 6 to 8 days depending on
how hard one pushes. I think I will do a couple shorter trips to langly and cirque and just
goof off in the cottonwood lakes area. I am 56  ok  57 in Feb, married with one daughter
and 2 wonderful grandkids the youngest, my granddaughter says she is ready for an
overnighter this summer, she is 12 and a strong hiker, so this is her year! . I usually hike
alone, but would love the company, if one of these trips interest you let me know, sound like
a blast to me.  Good luck. Lyle Miller

196. Name: Mick Bolander
Location: San Jacinto Mountains, Ca
Comments: I hiked into Seville Lake in 1959 and enjoyed your pictures and story
immensely. I want to go back one last time, maybe I will. Many Thank yous

195. Name: Tina Arnold
Location: California City, CA
Comments: Welcome to the Family!!!!   I am so looking forward to finally having a sister.  You
are absolutely great for my brother and I am looking forward to getting to know you and
your family better.  We had a  great time Christmas Eve, hopefully more to come!!!.  Love
your website!!  Rod and I have talked about developing one of our own.  Any suggestions?

Thanks Tina!  I am looking forward to having another sister and brother-in-law, not to
mention two nieces and a nephew :)

I'd look into (what I use) or (I have some friends who have websites through this

194. Name: Stephen
Location: NC
Comments: Cool pictures of national park hikes!

193. Name: Bill Lemke
Location: Wenatchee, Washington
Comments: I loved your pictures and naration of you cottonwood lakes,  Mt. Langley trip.  I
have fished several times in horseshoe meadow and wondered what the cottonwood lakes
area looked like.  Some day, I would like to hike up there.  Thanks for the great pics. ~ Bill

192. Name: MA
Location: Escondido, California
Comments: What a joy it was to meet Todd's family at Christmas, especially the kids. Top
it all off by watching Todd propose to Carol, you don't get much better than that!

Thanks Mom :)

191. Name: Allen Simons
Location: Fruita, Colorado
Website or email address:
Comments: Carol I am linking you to my site. Your photographic journal would be of great
interest to my readers and I feel particularly connected with your concern for the
environment. Thanks for the work you are doing and continue to do on behalf of the
universe! Allen

190. Name: brandon smith
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comments: Thank you for putting your web site together. My wife and I go to California as
much as possible to see the coast and mountains along with working our way up the coast and
the rest of the west. Your  pictures just help fuel our desire to visit all of the west. Thank

189. Name: Martha Davis
Location: Kernville, CA
Comments: Good morning, Read about your trip to Marble Falls and enjoyed your
photos...Enjoyed them both!!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!  Martha

188. Name: Rose Marie Friend
Location: Onyx
Comments: I had an email from Ted Mattock telling about the photos you took on Sherman
Peak.  Ted stays with me whenever he comes to the Kern River Valley to go hiking.

187. Name: Tarol Jars
Location: Hamburg; Germany
Comments: happend to find my first name taken as your homepage; You live in some
wonderfull place on earth, as I could figur out, have fun in natur and join your life with your
folks, xxx Tarol (J.)

186. Name: Glenn Gregory
Location: Bakersfield
Comments: Love your website!! Thanks for joining the Kern River Valley Hiking Club.
I hope you like the next 6 month outings schedule and I hope I will get to meet you on the
hikes. If you have suggestions for hikes this summer and fall of 2007, please contact me.

Happy Hiking, Glenn Gregory

185. Name: Emmy Kibler
Location: Springville, CA
Comments: Your website is absolutely wonderful, especially since so much of it is right in
our backyard.

184. Name: Chris Hill
Location: Lake Isabella, CA
Comments: Carol:  I really enjoyed reading what I thin was every page of your website.  It
had to have been a lot of work, so thanks.  I am from the Porterville area and have enjoyed
hiking most of the same places you have visited.  

I invite you to see my Yahoo Groups page on the Golden Trout Wilderness, you might enjoy
it.  It is also completely volunteer and non-commercial.  Go see and even join if you are
interested. There is not a lot of activity on it, but this time of year that is to be expeced:

Thought your website was great.

Chris - I just joined your Yahoo Group, thanks for the invitation!

183. Name: Michael
Location: Florida
Comments:  I think your backyard is pretty cool

182. Name: Yvonne
Location: Texas
Comments: I want to give my sympathy to Todd Skinner's Family in their recent loss. What
a better place than your web site. You both have a connection. You for your adventures, You
love to show us our backyards, For Todd who loved to climb to the top, Giving us a view of
our backyards. Here is to a Hero. " May you rest in peace on the top". Thank You for
showing us our backyards.

Link to Article about Todd Skinner from the San Francisco Chronicle

181. Name: Teresa
Location: Palmdale, CA
Comments: Wow!  Awesome pictures and adventures!  I wish I had the energy that you do.  
My husband and I just returned from a week long trip to Mammoth.  We did a different
hike each day.  Beautiful country we live in.  Oh, you need to try the Poppy Fields again, when
we have a better year.  Some years the hills are on fire with poppies...absolutely beautiful.  
Thanks for letting us enjoy your pictures.

180. Name: Luke Bradley
Location: England
Comments: HI! love the site, read most of the sequoia Articals// just read your boole tree
one thought it was great im visiting sequoia and kings canyon next year to explore many
groves im planning to see the boole on the first day cant wait!. Thanks for making the site,
Luke Bradley

179. Name: Mark
Location: Ariz
Comments: oh man, i go to blossom lake every summer.. just lookin at those pics makes me
want to be there right now

178. Name: Karen (Traver) Linder
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Comments: Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your lovely  photos of the Carrizo
Plain area.  I grew up there (on the Traver Ranch) so  the area is sentimental to me--such a
peaceful place.  Best wishes to  you.

177. Name: Sara
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Comments: Hi Carol, I'm leaving for a trip to Zion/Grand Canyon/Bryce tomorrow and I was
so happy to find your website with the beautiful photos and the stories of your adventures.  
Thanks for sharing! Sara

176. Name: Kris Light
Location: Oak Ridge, TN
Website or email address:
Comments: Hi Carol, My husband and I are planning a trip to southern California this coming
spring (Mar. 2007). I was looking for wildflower photos from Carrizo Plain when I found
your beautiful site. I'm hoping there will be another wet winter this year so we'll get to
enjoy a spectacular wildflower show! We went to the Monterey / Salinas area this summer
and we saw some beautiful flowers along the Big Sur coast, at Pinnacles NM and at the
beaches. Those photos are on my website, under the
California 2006 trip gallery. Thanks for your beautiful pictures and hard work on your site!

175. Name: Teddy Bear
Location: Your Heart
Comments: I have a lot of fun with you. Thank you for teaching me new stuff about the
outdoors. Love, Teddy Bear

174. Name: Chuck
Location: Redondo Beach, Ca.
Comments: I am a Grove hunter myself. I have been to 32 of the top 40 largest trees in
the world! I have visited no less than 31 of the Giant Sequoia groves. I would be interested
in hearing from you. I need to find the folowing trees to complete the list of trees
measured by Wendall and Mike. I have found ALL of the groves and trees I've been to by

The Ishi Giant
The Evans Tree
The King Arthur Tree
The Great Goshawk
The Patriarch Tree
The Diamond Tree
The A.D. Tree
The Dean Tree

The Goshawk & the Ishi have eluded me for two years, maybe you could help? Nice
Website, I should probably do the same myself.... Chuck

Chuck - you have mail!

173. Name: Kevon Andersen
Location: Miami
Comments: Loved your info on your trip to Redwood Canyon. Found this site after seeing an
article in the NYT's about King's Canyon on 9/1/06.  We did the same hike in '03 in King's
Canyon and loved the trees . . . just wish we could have seen it in June like you (rather than
August) for the lupines.  We had to have camped near your same spot on Redwood Creek --
all I know is that I spotted a game trail right near where we camped b/w two giant
Sequoias.  That night, after it got dark, my wife and I kept hearing branches cracking and
hooves pounding, etc.  You sound like you got to sleep a lot sooner than we did.  We believed
we  didn't put our tent next to a trail to the water...we put it next to a freeway to the
water.  We both finally went to sleep from shere exhaustion.  But the beauty of that place
was worth it.  I'll keep watching your site for new trips (really love the flower photos and
i.d.'s).  Keep working at preserving this, and keep hiking.

172. Name: Wanda
Location: San Diego
Comments: Hey, I'm hit #19571.... WOW. Of course I probably did at least 1000 of them
myself!  LOVEMA

171. Name: Heike Harich
Location: Dachau, Germany
Comments: Wow! What an excellent website! Just got here by looking for better photos
than mine from Big Sur as we had cloudy weather. Now I sit and read for hours and can't
get enough of your overwhelming photos from all about the USA. I love the ones from
Carrizo Plain, especially the beautiful bedewed flowers and grasses. Thank you so much for
sharing and keep up on your GREAT WORK !

170. Name: Eva
Location:  Ibbenbueren, Germany
Comments: Hi Tarol! I found your website by accident and spent quite a while looking  
around. It's really a great page and looking at some of the photos made me  remember my
three trips to your beautiful country. Just three more month  and my husband and I will be
back for hiking and photographing. I really envy you that you're able to enjoy the amazing
nature year-round. Germany's great too, but we simply don't have the canyons, the hoodoos,
the slot canyons and all that.  Bye Eva

169. Name: jim
Location: Santa Cruz, Central California
Comments: Your site is very well put together and your photography is great. I'm just
getting back into walking and hiking after a long layoff due to illness.  It's tough, but
getting out in the mountains really helps keep the focus I need.  Viewing your photographs
and reading about your hikes and backpacking trips enthuses me a great deal.

168. Name: Bill Hankee
Location: Central Wyoming
Comments: Great site, I finally decided to stop in for a visit. If you ever stop out back this
part of the country email me and lets do a hike. Take care. bill

167. Name: Laureen
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Comments: Great site- I'm an avid backpacker and am looking to start my "real life" at age
40 by liquidating everything and heading west for an outdoors job.  I'm hoping to take steps
to help secure a park service job in the next couple of years by getting my Wilderness
First Responder, taking some leadership courses, etc.  I solo a lot and try to get out west
for a big trip at least once a year.

I'm giving some thought to thru hiking the John Muir Trail next summer (2007) if I can
manage a month away from home.  A friend in the area would certainly be helpful.

Laureen - you have mail!

166. Name: Donna
Location: Niceville, Florida
Comments: I am a native Californian and really enjoyed looking at your website. My husband
and I married in the Yosemite Valley in 1980. We were there April 05, celebrating our
25th! We took the drive to Pacific Grove from Yosemite and the wild flowers were
unbelievable. '05 was an awesome year for wildflowers! What a joy :) We have been in NW
Florida for nearly 12 years, but my heart and home will always be California. Thanks for
sharing your adventures. I've book marked your site and will be back to continue reading
about your adventures and looking at the beautiful flower photos. One of my favorite things
to do also.
Thanks again! Donna

Donna - you have mail!

165. Name: Sandy
Location: New Jersey
Comments: I would like to say that I found your site by luck looking for a type of bush with
a white flower. But "SO GLAD I DID" I enjoyed it so very much and would like to just say
thank you. It was such a pleasure and planned to look into it further. Picture were so fine.
Looked like a grand trip.

164. Name: Eamonn
Location: Albany,Ny
Comments: Found the website in Backpacker mag...great inspirational photos

163. Name: Leonard F. (Fred) Hoots
Location: Des Moines, IA
Comments: Your web site is terrific. The photos are inspiring and the narrative very well

162. Name: Karl Zellner
Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Comments: I enjoyed your site.  I was researching an early season backpack trip down
Freeman Creek.  Any suggestions on camping near Pyles Camp?

Karl - you have mail!

161. Name: Morgan Brown
Location: Houston, TX
Website or email address:
Comments: Hello, love the site.  I clicked through from  Brings back good
memories of California. My wife's brother and his wife live in Sequoia.  Rob and Rachel
Lewis.  Rob is actually visiting us in Houston.  Rachel has a backcountry patrol job in
Yosemite.  I'm hoping to visit SeKi for a few days this summer, but my wife is pregnant,
so not sure she'd want to be left out of the fun! Regards, Morgan

160. Name: Tim Smith
Location: Columbia, on the Susquehanna River, PA
Comments: Hey Carol, Your web-site is awesome! Found out about it in backpacker mag. I
have never been west of Ohio. I am 43. I am a photographer (building a web-site, will be
launched soon). My 19 year old son & I are traveling to California. Departing this Sat. May
20. We are going from LA to Big Sur to SF to Yosemite in 1 week, spending the last 3
days in Yosemite. I will admit I'm a little intimidated about Yosemite (no reservations).
We are both avid hikers and want to see as much as we can in 2 or 3 days without hanging
"Abbey advice" is one of my favorites. It hangs on my wall at work & my studio. Just read
"The Last Season" by Eric Blehm, WOW! I am psyched to get out there. Quote: "The best
wisdom comes directly from the earth: it runs right up our roots into the spirit. Walk on.
The feet will inform the soul." Hope to here from you.  PEACE, Tim

Tim - you have mail!

159. Name: Dusty
Location: Northridge, CA
Comments: Hi, Carol.  I found your site while looking for information about the Temblor
Range and the Carrizo Plain.  Good site, good detail on photos, good layout, and nice photos.
Easy to navigate, good coverage of topics.  Very impressive. Congrats.

158. Name: Jim Gibson
Location: Gardnerville, NV
Comments: Hello!  What a great web site - thank you for sharing it with us. I was thinking of
boatin on lake Lahontan and your site came up - when you crazy  uncle was surfing in
November! Way too cold! Anyway, I have a new 27 foot boat I keep on Tahoe during the
summer, so if you ever happen to be in the area, I am there pretty regular with the wife
and kids and would offer a boat ride - it's a great lake to see by boat. You have a great
additude- life is short, enjoy every day. Thanks again, Jim Gibson

157. Name: Mark
Location: Tampa, Florida
Comments: I am researching the Big Sur area for a planned trip this summer.  Thanks for
the help. Mark

156. Name: Jane Duenweg
Location: Stanton, Orange County, California
Comments: Enjoyed looking thru your website, Carol, you look like a vital personality with a
strong appreciation for life. My family are the occasional backpackers into some of these
areas you refer to, we've recently been able to spend some quality time at a few national
parks. Two years ago we first visited Sequoia/Kings Canyon and on to Yosemite. This year
we're hoping to rent a cabin for a few days in the Sequoia area, as we find it suits the
family better than the full tent camping experience. My husband could problably sleep
under a tree, long as it's not too cold, and hike all day if given the opportunity. My girls at 11
& 15 can only do so much roughing it, and I find with my dismal allergies that it includes me
as well, altho I love the woods, I always come back worse for the wear. I esp. enjoyed your
pictures of the wildflowers, I'm the one always stopping and looking at little hidden spots
of color beside the trails, while the others are calling for me to hurry and catch up. Happy
trails this summer and always.Jane

155. Name: Dreamer (Tim)
Location: Garland Texas
Comments: Tarol, you have an eye for the view... thank you for the postings it is very
beautiful looking from my cubical out at the wonders at work! Keep it up and you will make
many happy people! ~ Dreamer

154. Name: Derek Palmer
Location: Los Gatos, CA
Comments: Thanks for the great pics.  I was searching for a nice hike to fill in a few days
after climbing Mt. Langley.  I liked your route.  I think we'll give it a try.

153. Name: Rick Wight
Location: Phoenix (It's a dry heat!!)
Comments: Love your site, pics, advice etc.  I haven't been to the Sierra's in many years
but am researching a trip out of  Mineral King or from the East side Rockhouse Basin.  
30-40 miles with a group of 8 experienced hikers. Any suggestions??  Thanks, Rick

152. Name: Rich Collier
Location: Valley Glen, CA
Website or email address:
Comments: Tarol, I've really enjoyed wandering around your web space.  It has helped me
identify flowers I have taken pictures of in the last couple of years.  The last image you
have on your wildflower's page as "unidentified" looks like one I found just this evening:
Erodium botrys, Broadleaf Filaree, in the Geranium family.  I'm not a botanist, but your
image looks similar enough to mine, it's probably worth checking out. Happy Hiking, Rich

151. Name: Elaine Campbell
Location: Matamoras, PA
Comments: Thanks for a look at the beautiful pictures. I've enjoyed looking back at where
I used to live in California (Really miss it!). I too have hiked in Big Basin in Boulder Creek, as
I used to live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in Felton. Yes, all those cute newts...easily found
if you dig in the dirt a little. Banana slugs are easy to find also. Once, I picked up a small
common (harmless) ring neck snake from my driveway, so he wouldn't get run over. To my
surprise, it must have just had breakfast, since three small banana slugs fell from it's

150. Name: Jamie Averman
Location: Las Vegas
Comments: I was telling people at work about the flowers in the forest and how beautiful
they are.  I was looking on line and couldn't find any good pictures, then I remembered that
you had this website.  I love all your pictures.  I became home sick.  I saw the pictures of
Grey Meadow and it brought back such great memories!  Working at the district office has
been the best job yet!  I miss you, and maybe one of these days I can make it by.  ~ Jamie

Jamie - I miss you too!  This summer won't be the same without you!  I hope things are going
well at your new job - congrats!  :) Carol

149. Name: Todd
Comments: Your pictures of the flowers from scicon were great. I had a great time there.
Love, Todd

148. Name: Mary Ann Evans
Location: Tobias Lookout
Website or email address:
Comments: Better than the "professional" photos I have seen. Thanks for the trips that I
have to miss being stationed at Tobias. I always wondered what the close ups looked like.

147. Name: Martin Paquette
Location: Seattle
Comments: Great armchair visit to some places I've been in years past and a great source
of images for computer wallpaper! Martin

146. Name: Christine
Location: Oxnard CA
Comments: Hi there I enjoyed visiting your web site. I was particularly facinated by the
trip you took to Carrizo plain.  I was there last week and was amazed that we seemed to
have taken similar photographs. I never did see any california poppies though. Thanks again
and good luck with your travels further.

145. Name: Vickie Beard
Location: Camarillo, CA
Comments: Read your info about the Carrizo Plain. Awesome pictures. My husband and I are
going up tomorrow for the day. Looking forward to it after seeing your web site. Thanks for
the great info on what's up there and facilities etc. ~ Vickie Beard

144. Name: christiane monod
Location: Montpellier/France
Comments: Got interested by Carizzo Plain with this month's National Geographic which
runs a pic from San Adreas fault in Carizzo Ntl Park and went on the net for more info.
We're French/American expatriates and we've lived 15 years in Calif where our 3
daughters still are.Found your site and just looked at the pictures, but plan to visit and
read more. Thank you for sharing, and more comment later! Regards, Christiane and George

143. Name: Helen McKinley
Location: Oakland, California
Comment: I found you zooming around sites for the Carrizo, a place that is magical.  Loved
your photos and enthusiasm for the land - plan to spend more time checking out your trips
for inspiration of my own travel planning and other destinations.  THANK YOU, Helen

142. Name: cam lavander
Location: outside the big cite of chicago
Comments: your site!  found it checking out some anza-borrego the
desert and especially love the anza-borrego state park.  your pics of it in bloom a year ago
(2/05) are lovely!  will be passing on your site to a friend interested in becoming a ranger.  
keep up the good work. cam ps.  thanks also for the ed abbey quote--quite nice!

141. Name: Jim Davis
Location: Escondido, CA
Website or email address:
Comments:  I'm a hike leader and I want to thank you for sharing so generously of yourself
and your experiences.  It inspires me to keep leading trips and wonder at all the fantastic
trails I have yet to hike.  Thanks!

140. Name: Karen
Location: East Bay, California
Comments: Beautiful site and photos Tarol.  I came across your site while following links
for Pinnacles National Monument.  Your are so fortunate to have been to so many of the
wilderness places.  Thank you for sharing what many of us cannot hope to see in a lifetime.

139. Name: Larry Hampshire
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Comments: Hi Tarol/Carol! You are certainly blesssed to be able to see these wonderous
sites. Thank you for sharing them with us. Simply beautiful and which words cannot do the
slightest justice. God be with you and I will be passing your URL on to my friends and come
back for
another visit.  Larry

138. Name: Daniele GRAZIA
Location: Bologna - ITALY
Comments: Hi Carol, I love people that love life, and you are one of this. I match your site
because I love photography but I haven't time for make it. Compliments. Peace and freedom
! Daniele  P.S. Sorry for my bad english

137. Name: Lee G
Location: Long Beach Calif
Comments: great site! xlnt trip reports and pictures. i love the desert and enjoy your site!!

136. Name: Robbie Millard
Location: North Carolina
Comments: Hi Carol, I just love your website! And I must say you have the coolest job in
the world. Oh to be out in nature's back yard all the time and then to be able to hike and
explore like you do. I must admit I am a bit envious. I am an avid tree lover. My son and I
took a trip to California last year just to see the Redwoods. We saw both the Sequoias and
the Coast Redwoods. We stayed nine days, but that wasn't nearly enough time to see all I
wanted to. The Sequoias are my favorites. I could stay amongst them forever. To me, they
are truly nature's grandest creation. I plan on going back to CA one day, although it will
probably be a few years. I want to come back in the winter and be able to camp out in the
Sequoias in the snow and be able to take lots of pictures! Well, I gotta go. Keep hiking and
taking pictures. I look forward to your every adventure. -Robbie

135. Name:  Bonnie
Location:  IL
Comments:  Carol, I'm Jeffry's mom and just want to thank you for sharing all the
fascinating photos of your trip with him. It's easy to see why you both wanted to hike that
area. What intriguing natural formations of rocks and unusual cactus.  Is a "Prickly Pear"
cactus edible. Also, I appreciated seeing the pictures of my son.  Although we talk every
couple of weeks, we haven't been able to see each other in months. I'm glad to read that
you are not just existing but truly living--tasting, touching and living life to the fullest. May
God bless you and keep you safe.---Bonnie

134. Name:  jane clement
Location: fresno ca
Comments: Hi, Do you work in the restaurant near the visitors center in Sequoia National
Park?  If so- I bet you helped us.  Nice web-site.

Jane: nope, but I used to work in the Lodgepole Visitor Center :)

133.  Name: Sherlock
Location: San Diego
Comments: Hi Sequoia; I was researching my next road trip when I came across your
website on a Yahoo web search. How are you all doing?

Take care

132. Name: Lyn Ferguson
Location: Cheyenne Wyoming
Comments: Hi Carol, What a wonderful website you've put together! Beautiful photography
and very informative. Since I've seen you, I've been to the Oregon Coast, Mesa Verde,
Canada, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Bandelier Natl Monument, and Akumal Mexico, where I
swam with green sea turtles! I now own a home in Estes Park where I had a bobcat in my
yard this fall!

Natural wonders are all around us and feed the soul, don't they?

Hope all is well with you.

Lyn Ferguson

131. Name: N. Dillon
Location: NE
Comments: Hello Tarol, I love your site, you are indeed a gifted photographer.  My family
once owned Dillonwood, it was such a gift to be able to see it thru your eyes. Thank you!

130. Name: John Betts
Location: La Veta, CO
Comments: Excellent stuff Carol, thank you. Although I hiked Whitney years ago I know
next to nothing of your country, you do it great justice. I'm going to try and get into
photography before a long hike through northwestern Wyoming this summer. If you ever
want to know great wildlife areas there and in Colorado please let me know and I'll share a
pic or two with you. Happiest of Trails, John Betts

129. Name: Chuck Fischer
Location: Torrance & Ponderosa
Comments: Great website - extremely informative - keep up the good work!!

128. Name: Sara
Location: Alachua, Florida
Comments: Your photography is BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely adore it.

127. Name: Terry Hurst
Location: Bakersfield
Comments: Have you ever been to "Laurel Creek Canyon", which is above Lower Funston on
the Kern River? I've seen the area from the south above an un-named lake at 11,000'+ , but
it was too steep to hike down to the basin. A friend and I want to go there this summer,
but we can't find anything about it on the net. Thanks in advance if you have been
there and can share some info.

Terry - you have mail!

126. Name: Roger Baxter
Location: Portland, Oregon
Comments: Really enjoyed your pics.  Carizo Plain flowers were great.  One of the last

125. Name: David Peterson
Website or email address:
Comments: Looking for hiking/camping opportunities this spring break - mid-March. What's
the weather like your way?

David - you have mail!

124. Name: Raye Westbay
Website or email address: Ladybug6452@aol,com
Comments: spent many happy times on vacation in your area of the Sierra Nevada.  Lived in
Newhall in the early years, then moved on to Portland.  Spent many happy times there too.  
Florida is beautiful, but nothing compares.

123. Name: Cheyenne
website or email address: grandmudders email (
Comment: I like your pictures very much. Someday I'm going to be a marine biologist or a
vet. I'm glad we are 2nd cousins. Good web site.

website or email address:
Comment: what a nice relaxing site. I really enjoyed being here.Also enjoy your posts on Thank-you!!!!!.ken

121. Name: Valerie Cassity
Location: Kernville, CA
Comment: I was looking for pics of Ardis Walker to put on a flyer advertising our
presentation about him and came across your site. It really is beautiful! If you are
interested in attending our presentation, it will be at Ardis' old house at 310 Walker Drive
in Kernville on Wednesday, Jan. 18 at 7 p.m. Give me a call at (760) 376-4434 if you are
interested! Valerie Cassity, Programs Director, Sequoia ForestKeeper

120. Name: Bob Hare
Location: Elk Grove, CA   
Comment: I stumbled onto your site via the Ishi Tree. You have a wonderful adventure and
fun-filled outdoor site. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Bob Hare

119. Name: Jessica Schwab
Location: Kansas   
Hello Ro-Ro,
this is your cousin. What a busy little bee you have been. Glad to see you have done so well.
Tell everyone I said hi me and my two kids Cheyenne and Cody live in Kansas by my dad Cecil
Talk with you later
118. Name: Todd

117. Name: Kathy
Location: Redlands, CA   
Comment: Carol: You have a wonderful website. On top of living in a special place, you have
been to many beautiful places.

116. Name: Cynthia & Tony
Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Comment: Happy to sign your guestbook! Beautiful pictures, Carol...really enjoy reading your
thoughts and experiences...keep up the good work! Hope to see you and Todd soon.
115. Name: Irene
Location: Jakarta    
Comment: Nice site you have...
Good website, keep up your hard work...

114. Name: Peter
Comment: Enjoyed your web site and will continue to view it for a refresher on the beauty
in the Sierras whenever I can. We just did the Rae Lakes loop and had a spectacular 5-day
adventure. Is that Glen Pass awesome or what? Keep up the good work.

113. Name :   Marcia Goldstein
Comment :   Wow! I just Googled Ishi Tree and there was your story of our trip at the top
of the page. Since Lee and I are in some of the photos, it is even better. It was a great
trip and fun to relive it at your wesite. Thanks.

112. Name :   Erik Graf
Comment :   Hello: You responded recently to my post on regarding Death
Valley. Again, appreciate your efforts and letting me share in your wisdom. I decided to
visit your site and enjoyed it very much. I especially appreciate all of the information!

111. Name :   Kristin
Comment :   Hi! Im a student at Oregon State University studying Fisheries & Wildlife,
Botany and Environmental Sciences. I work for the OSU Botany department going through
old photo slides of plants and their habitat, and enhancing them so we can publish them.

110. Name :   Teryl :) (its really Cheryl)
Comment :   I stumbled upon your web site quite by accident and I have spent 2 very
enjoyable hours looking at all the beautiful places youve visited. Thank you for sharing all
your travels with us. We love to go camping in Balch Park, Sequoia National Forest.

109. Name :   kathleen
Comment :   I love your website. I have recently become disabled and cannot hike anymore.
I love the outdoors and you have brought the wildflowers to me - thanks

108. Name :   NANCY

107. Name :   Jene
Comment :   I want to be you!But Im a guy so that just gets too involved. Nice newspaper
story. Im a TT hiker and hope to god to get to hike with you someday. Youre always going
and I envy that. I see the Miter Basin trip and lust for a hike but its hard to leave!

106. Name :   Michael Chia
Comment :   Great website, pictures tell a thousand words.

105. Name :   Sandy Todd's Mom
Comment :   Hi I love the pictures. Nice web site. Good job. Hope to see you soon. Sandy

104. Name :   Sam Wilson
Comment :   Hey Carol....I really enjoyed your journals and photos this evening. Ill be back
for more! Weve hiked many of the same trails... Thanks!

103. Name :   kat saxon
Comment :   Wow!!! I am so impressed with your photography. While looking for a good
backpack route to take in the Sierras this August 05, I came across your site and thought
I would spend a few minutes checking it out. TWO HOURS later, I am still here admiring
your site!

102. Name :   Nikk
Comment :   Nice site, you apparently put in some time developing it as it shows. Its nice to
see that there are those in this land that care a great deal about the world in which we all
must live.

101. Name :   Rodney Arnold
Comment :   Hi carol. It was nice to see you and Todd again this weekend. Look forward to
seeing you again soon.

100. Name :   curareguy
Comment :   nice sight, i like the bud light commercials

99. Name :   Aunt Yvonne
Comment :   You keep getting better at this web site, your pictures are the best!

98. Name :   Roger_Margaret
Comment :   Carrizo Plain National Monument March 12-13, 2005 Thank you for your
generosity in sharing what you seem to love to do. That page directed me to this page and
seeing all the others places, wOw...thanks.

97. Name :   Kevin Keane
Comment :   Janet & I are moving up to Pierpoint Springs soon. Ex RSABG and Theo Payne
Foundation employee... great site, thanks!

96. Name :   Kathryn
Comment :   You are living my dream! What fantastic photographs you have, my husband and
I couldnt stop looking for the longest time. Thanks, especially since we do not travel. We do
enjoy several gardens on our 1 and 1/2 acre in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.God bless...

95. Name :   Bill McFall
Comment :   We have so much it common, its amazing. I have done lots of natural history
interpretation with different organizations, including the National Parks (GGNRA, Marin
Headlands). I am a professional nature photographer (by hobby) and really enjoy your images.

94. Name :   Eric Measles
Comment :   How refreshing you are. I lived in Mammoth a hundred years ago for only one
winter but I was hooked on the Sierras. I visit a few times a year just to keep my head
where it belongs.........nice site..see ya around the hot springs...e measles

93. Name :   Crazyjake
Comment :   Great pics

92. Name :   Sibbs
Comment :   Great site. Ill be checking it out more. Hey, a question regarding when you
were at McMinnville College. Was the president at the time you were there a Dr. Bull
(female)...just curious.

91. Name :   RedDoug
Comment :   Hi Sequoia!! Still think this is a good site. I see you are now over 10,000 hits-

90. Name :   Andrea Lorraine RedThunder
Comment :   Hello Row Row! Your website is beutiful. Ill be visiting it often. I love the
family pictures , you and Kristine are beautiful. I love you and give Kristine the same
message for me.

89. Name :   Chuck
Comment :   Great site, photos and stories. You are adventurous and a good photographer.

88. Name :   Betty Chadwick
Comment :   My Californian cousin sent this to me in Australia. Thank you.

87. Name :   Lara
Comment :   Great pictures! Your sister sent me the link. We used to work together in DC.

86. Name :   Kim
Comment :   Great web sight and pictures. Going to carrizo next weekend, what kinda
camera you using?

85. Name :   Mick
Comment :   A great home page, I enjoyed your articles and pictures

84. Name :   Ling
Comment :   Beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing.

83. Name :   Jon Shannon
Comment :   Nice site Sequoia! Beutiful pictures! Im sure Ill spend some free time perusing
your adventures.

82. Name :   Jack Eberly
Comment :   Enjoyed your website. Brought back memories of x-country skiing the Sierras,
backpacking, being snowbound, digging snow caves for overnight sleeping, waking to the
beauty of nature, and looking forward to the days adventure.

81. Name :   Frank E. Lane, M.D.
Comment :   A friend forwarded your visit to Death Valley and knew I love to look at the
diversity of color, shape and composition of... flowers! Thank you! Thank you! Youve got a
good eye!

80. Name :   cynthia
Comment :   wow. gorgeous photography! trying to figure out where to catch the most up to
date flowers the last week in march so your fotos/narratives are helpful. thanks!

79. Name :   Nate
Comment :   Thanks for taking the time to post pictures and narrative or your road trips
this spring (2005). Im hoping to head out to the desert this weekend. -Nate

78. Name :   Paul Furman
Comment :   From the Carrizo Plain photos you asked: An unidentified yellow flower, can you
help ID it? I think thats a Platystemmon, Poppy family.

77. Name :   Aunt
Comment :   Proud to call you my neice. You are going for that dream, that we all dreamed
of. I love you RoRo! Yvonne

76. Name :   norman b. livermore
Comment :   Saw that you had some lovely things to say about Norman (Ike) Livermore. My
name is Hayley and I am Normans personal assistant. He was very curious as to what small
town you live in in the Sierras. Nice to meet you!

75. Name :   Tom
Comment :   What a great website! Enjoyed your photos of Anza Borrego. Were headed
down next week. We live in Big sur. If youre planning a trip, let me know and Ill tell you
where the best wildflowers are.

74. Name :   Ter Sullivan
Comment :   Excellent personal web site. The recent photos of sunrise in Joshua Tree are
spectacular. Im off to Borrrego in a few days with some friends. During Christmas vacation
we identified 108 species in flower, so were excited about this next trip.

73. Name :   Bob Brown
Comment :   Browsing your site was a wonderful way to spend some early morning time.
We`re hookin up the trailer and heading for Anza Borrego after the Presidents Day
weekend. Thanks for the wonderful photos. B

72. Name :   Gary Root
Comment :   I have lived in sville 57 yrs and my father logged Dillonwood in mid 50s. Ive ran
all over this area and loved it. Now a quadraplegic I cant do those things and really enjoyed
your site.Keep up the great photos.

71. Name :   Cari Adams
Comment :   Re: Ft. Laramie sign. I passed through there a few years ago too fast and was
stopped by a highway patrol person. There were Wyoming plates going faster than my
California car - but he gave me a warning. My daughter and I decided he was one of the sore

70. Name :   Hugh Radcliffe
Comment :   I love the owens vally. Spent alot of time in Bridgeport, Bodie,Mono.Now live in
Virginia at our own resort on the James river by the Blue Ridge mountains.

69. Name :   songbyrd (Theresa)
Comment :   Really enjoyed your website and photos. You have the dream job. Looking
forward to doing some trips together. The first in Feb so it seems. My photos are at

68. Name :   Mark
Comment :   Great web site..Maybe I should start one with all my travels too! Filled with
great information. thanks

67. Name :   Bruce & Linda Nofrey
Comment :   Thanks for the wildflower poster which you gave us at the ranger station in

66. Name :   Bob Coomber
Comment :   Your page is a great way to start a holiday Monday! Thanks for so much good
info. I, too, have a cat named Sam, by the way.

65. Name :   Ray Tarol
Comment :   Hi there! Im searching for my relatives on the net. To my surprise there was a However it was your nickname while mine is a family name. There are only few
Tarol family name in the world. They came from Spain.

64. Name :   Jennifer Odum
Comment :   Hi Carol, just following your link from the Backpackers website. Looking
forward to Death Valley.

63. Name :   Burt
Comment :   Great job on your site. Camping at Lewis Stringer sounds interesting. I would
like to go there. When do you think you will go?

62. Name :   Stephen Woolwine
Comment :   Great Pictures

61. Name :   MELISSA

60. Name :   xc coyote
Comment :   very nice website :) i sincerely enjoyed the poetry and inspirational section.

59. Name :   aunt shirley
Comment :   carol, your a kick in the ass, ilove your website , talked to your mom lastnight
your right this damm desert city makes one ferget about the beauty of calif. (he he). i miss
you ... love aunt shirley

58. Name :   Mike Mohn
Comment :   I admire your passion and obvious enjoyment of life. Mike

57. Name :   Randy Edwards
Comment :   You will find me mostly on I have a short biography there. I
always wanted to be a Ranger and would gladly exchange my years as a cop to be a Ranger.

56. Name :   axel johnson (ted)
Comment :   YOur viewpoint on trees is stunning. I can tell you have a love for Oaks,
Sequoias and Sugar Pine and appreciate their beautiful structure. Some great shots on the
Golden Trout Wilderness trip.

55. Name :   Jamie Averman
Comment :   i love your website!

54. Name :   Jim Gray
Comment :   Nice site....Im aka FlaHiker.

53. Name :   Regina
Comment :   Compliment! I like your site, its awesome. Especially your Poetry and Prose
site, I feel enriched from reading it, thank you. I just discovered your site, so there is
still lots to read and see for me. I like traveling and backpacking and hiking, so this is great.

52. Name :   sam corbin
Comment :   Hi Carol,could you put me on your singles page I was oldog on cloudwalkers page
,a ways back great site ,and you sound like a GREAT PERSON oldog

51. Name :   LubbockHiker
Comment :   I do believe youre living my dream.

50. Name :   NorthernGuy (aka Neil)
Comment :   This is a great site. Do you do all the development yourself? Are you a web
development guru?

49. Name :   DudeThatMustHurt
Comment :   heyya lady. nice web site :-)

48. Name :   preacher
Comment :   Hey, Lady of the Trees! Ive heard of boosting your post count, but now site
hits? Well deserved!

47. Name :   RedDoug
Comment :   Just checkin in as ordered! How do you do all this stuff, anyway? I am

46. Name :   quietone
Comment :   Truely am envious of your site ...when I was a young boy I would dream of
becoming a forest ranger, kinda like other kids would dream of hitting a home run or
scoring the winning touchdown... never got the right direction headed that way in life.

45. Name :   Frank aka flyfisherman
Comment :   Great site Carol. I really enjoy your writings and photography. Keep it up!

44. Name :   Bludog
Comment :   Stunning photography, and quite a way with words... Happy Travels, Sequoia

43. Name :   Ghostdancer
Comment :   Great site, keep up the good work. Great daily guess where photos... :)

42. Name :   sam corbin
Comment :   great site ,liked your photo,and you take on life in general happy trails oldog on
backpacker trail forum (midwest)

41. Name :   Tincan
Comment :   Beautiful Life.......some day Im going to get away from work more!

40. Name :   Roy
Comment :   I love your pictures, nice job

39. Name :   Ben
Comment :   Twelve of us, five dads and 7 sons spent the weekend in Kernville for White
Water Rafting. We drove up to the 100 Giants Trail. The kids were impressed, as we were.

38. Name :   Don Freeze
Comment :    

37. Name :   shaina weyandt
Comment :    

36. Name :   Chris
Comment :   I love your site! I have always wanted to take the time and make a website the
highlighted all my camping and backpacking adventures over the years. Very impressive
site.(this is coming from a web designer by proffession) Keep up the GREAT work!

35. Name :   Jack Martin
Comment :   Hi Carol...Ive been hanging out in Ca. Hot Springs nearly every week end for the
past month and Im ready to venture out...Im interested in the trees , any suggestions on
where to start? As ever, Jack

34. Name :   Carolyn S Galloway
Comment :   Hi hunny bunny, This is a wonderful web sight, I am so proud of you !! My dear
sweet neice!

33. Name :   Cheesehead Hiker
Comment :   Hi Carol, Im Stephanie aka Cheesehead Hiker. I was just reading your bear
encounters. Great stories. I am pretty nervous about bears but I love backpacking in bear
country anyway! Rich calls me the ziploc queen..everything smelly is in ziplocs!

32. Name :   Bob Arnold
Comment :   Livin the dream. Great for you.

31. Name :   MtnSteve
Comment :   Nice site you have here...your another one living in Gods Country....and another
one working at something you probably do for free. Well, OK, perhaps not for free, but you
know what I mean. Steve

30. Name :   Darrel (starwalker)
Comment :   Well, Sequoia, I just discovered that you and my wife share the same name

29. Name :   Hikin Mike
website or email address :
Comment :   Thought I signed this before, but I guess not. Nice place youve got here and it
was a pleasure to hike with you back in November!

28. Name :   Squilax
Comment :   I really like what youve done with your site. S

27. Name :   u2alaska aka Mindi
Comment :   Great great great site! :) Cant believe Jerry hasnt signed the guestbook yet.
Ill get on his case. :)

26. Name :   Duane Hall
Comment :   Thank you!

25. Name :   John Hockstedler
Comment :   Very nice and informative site. Keep up the great work.

24. Name :   Preacher
Comment :   Great site from a great person!

23. Name :   ardwick
Comment :   Hey, Signing your guestbook because you wanted us to. :) Great sight. Bye now.

22. Name :   Woodswoman
Comment :   Great site, Carol! Love the photos! Im #3004 :-)

21. Name :   Delynn
Comment :   Nice site! BTW Im #3002 :-)

20. Name :   LiRM35
Comment :   Finally got around to checking out your site. Nice photos (and I say that as a
former photographer). Thanks for putting in all the work.

19. Name :   Spindle
Comment :   Another Guest for the book. ;-D Great work on your site Sequoia! --Michelle

18. Name :   Robert Jones...aka Boogy
Comment :   :D

17. Name :   Hawaiian
Comment :   Great site...deserves a bookmark!

16. Name :   Tarol
Comment :   Hi, just sufin the net and found your site. I just HAD to leave you this little
note cause my name is actually Tarol! Serioulsy... Tarol. Spelled that way and everything. I
loved YOUR Tarol story.

15. Name :   Don Anderson
Comment :   Nice site. Ive seen your messages on Maybe we can hike some
time. I live in Santa Rosa. Later, Don

14. Name :   Bill Speers
Comment :   Hi Sequoia, just looking at your website. Neat! Bill Speers

13. Name :   ray flavin
Comment :   howdy, enjoy browsing your website, after a 2 year search of the western
sierra my wife and i bought a house in ponderosa. as far as i am concerned it has to be one
of the most pleasent areas in the southwest.looking forward to our first winter.

12. Name :   Bruce & Linda Nofrey
Comment :   Liked your bear story they seem to come through Cedar Slope about twice a

11. Name :   bill eckroth
Comment :   nice website. im glad you didnt hurt that bear back in april. you wouldnt think a
animal that large can sneak up on you so quietly. been reading your posts in the forums at

10. Name :   Paul Rondinone
Comment :   I have been following your threads on BPer mag and think you kids are so lucky
and seem to be having alot of fun. always LMAO :) Im very happily maried but let me tell you
if I met you 35 years ago, youd be the one. I dont understand your perdicament.

9. Name :   WLD
Comment :   Hey nice site! You did a great job of putting it together.

8. Name :   vbchick
Comment :   Cool site!! Your pics are aweso me

7. Name :   Lee
Comment :   Nice stories, Great pictures, thanks for the hints on becoming a ranger
considering that after retiring from the Navy. Thanks again laughing from Kuwait

6. Name :   ohio hiker
Comment :   I have really enjoyed your website

5. Name :   Jeanette Langston
Comment :   this is great carol! what a great idea! i have to find out how you did this!

4. Name :   Pupwood
Comment :   What a fun web site this is, I enjoyed looking at CA from your perspective. My
wife and I live in Layton UT (near Salt Lake City) with our Bullmastiff buddy - Strider.
Looking at your website has inspired me to want to do a couple of things.

3. Name :   MA
Comment :   ooh.......aah......!!!!!!

2. Name :   mtbackpacker
Comment :   Just checked out the Big Sur photos. What a great, amazing, beautiful place!
You, of all the people I know from CA, have made me want to visit there! Thank you for
opening up a whole new life list section!

1. Name :   Daryl
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