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401. Name: teriz mosley
Location: three rivers
Comments: Thanks for the site; planning Dillonwood tomorrow

400. Name: Kristi Wilkerson
Location: bakersfield
Comments: Really enjoyed your site!! Although from Texas, Ive lived in Apple valley and now Bakersfield for 13 years!!!! Every weekend my hubby and I Are off for a new adventure somewhere!!! Weve been all over from big bear to wrightwood to lake Isabella to Yosemite.

399. Name: Jeff Lyles
Location: Yacolt, WA
Comments: I joined the Sierra Club in 2003. I have been hiking ever since then. I have planted several trees on my property. It gives me a good feeling to see the seedling chestnut trees I planted to start producing chestnuts.

398. Name: Ruben the high desert hiker Location: Victorville, ca Comments: love your web site I do the same too I take my kids out here camping pick beautiful wild flowers my boy is 3 and loves spending the night in a sleeping bag and a tent. Now at days kids want to be on the web or down loading not mine. Well everyone happy tr

397. Name: Sean OHara
Location: Elizabeth lake

396. Name: jesse
Location: philadelphia

395. Name: Laurie S.
Location: Tulare County
Comments: Dear Carol/Tarol -- Im writing to you on behalf of the Tulare County Treasures Project because of your beautiful photos of the Golden Trout Wilderness (among many more!). We are an all-volunteer, non-profit group creating a website on the history of conservation in the county. We'd like to use your photographs in our article on the Golden Trout Wilderness.

394. Name: Mike Edwards
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Comments: I stumbled across your website and pictures of Breckenridge mountains Mill Creek trail hike. Gorgeous pics! I took the liberty of posting the link on my Facebook outdoors page I created a few yrs ago called SoCal Adventures Group of Bakersfield.

393. Name: muhammad sadek
Location: los angeles
Comments: Thanks

392. Name: Steven
Location: Fort Lewis, WA
Comments: Enjoyed your website! Im heading out in the middle of January 2014 to hike Owl Canyon and explore Rainbow Basin. Nice pictures, they really show the area and give a good idea of what the hike might entail.

391. Name: Skyler
Location: Southern California
Comments: Hi, I stumbled across your page trying to find info on how to get to Careys Castle in Joshua Tree National Park. I have found only obscure info online regarding it. I know it is a big secret and I will keep it that way. Would you be willing to email me some hints?

390. Name: Cherie Mailloux Whitney, RN
Location: all across the USA!!
Comments: Hi Tarol! Im a Travel Nurse presently working in Cali. I came across some of your photos and just wanted to say hello and God Bless!! I am an outdoor enthusiast and have traveled all over the US for 4+ years now, and have been blessed to see so much of the country.

389. Name: Mary Dilley
Location: San Fernando Valley, CA
Comments: Loved perusing your site and reading about your adventures. I came across your site while looking up Tule River area. Next month some Sierra volunteers will be maintaining some trails near Coffee Camp at around the Mid fork of the Tule River.

388. Name: Carol
Location: Spicewood, Texas
Comments: Got to your website via Bings posting of lichen. Love your writing style.

387. Name: Laura
Location: New York, NY
Comments: Thank you for sharing your incredible adventures! Im playing a park ranger in Sasquatched! The Musical, which is having its world premiere Off Broadway. Its about a gentle Sasquatch named Arthur who befriends a lost boy in the woods. My character is Pat

386. Name: Jonathan Limebrook
Location: Lake Elsinore
Comments: Awesome website. I especially enjoyed the San Mateo Wilderness page. My son and I are going to spend some time out there looking for wild pigs. Did you see any?

Jonathan - no, but we saw a bobcat!

385. Name: Dan
Location: Rancho Cucamonga
Comments: Fantastic site - great source of trail beta and inspiration to hike. If you go to Etiwanda Falls again, from the top of the falls follow the left fork stream (path on left side of stream) a short ways to another falls.

384. Name: Rene Baï¿œuelos
Comments: Hello, I first would like to say that I love you photos, I just spent 3hrs looking at everything! Secondly I would like to say thanks for having this site! I wanted to ask a question, what is the best route for the beaches at big sur?

Rene - where are you coming from?
383. Name: Elaine Warford
Location: Lytle Creek, CA
Comments: Tarol: Thank you kindly for your interest in Lytle Creek especially; as a resident we love to hear about people who love and respect the canyon as we do. Your photos are wonderful; thank you for the descriptions and dates!
382. Name: Tarol Black
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Comments: I just wanted to say hello! My real name is Tarol and I thought it was rather ironic when I googled my name and found your web sites! I am named Tarol because my mother was listening to a beauty padgent and thought she heard the name Tarol and liked it.
381. Name: Nikki OConnor
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Comments: I am Ham on backpacker and have seen you one multiple posts and was curious as to who you were. Being an avid backpacker, enviromentalist, and (hopefully) a future park ranger I found your site great to look at and super informative. Thanks!! Contact me
380. Name: Lija Jarre
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Comments: Loved your Carrizo Plain Nat. Mon. 2005 thru Facebook which peaked my curiosity. Love your photographs, esp. of wild flowers. Appreciate the cadence of your writing. Thank you!

379. Name: Japser
Location: Irvine, CA
Comments: Awesome wedsite...thanks for sharing and allowing us to see the beauty of nature through your eyes. :)
378. Name: KWJ
Location: Knoxville, TN
Comments: I enjoyed reading your informative piece on Joshuatrees. We have been fascinated by them since visiting the Joshuatree National Park several years ago. Now, we know more about them! Thank you.
377. Name: Hayes Family
Location: Ola, Idaho
Comments: My youngest son Ezekiel is 9 years old and wants to be the Head of Forestry Jobs. So I looked up that and found your page! What an awesome experience you had! We will continue to follow your page. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information. 
376. Name: Matthew J Mruz
Location: Alpharetta GA
Comments: enjoyed reading ur ponderosaca plants articles ! from Takin a Likin to Lichen to the awesome tree articles ( I love pines, and oaks) -- ur tarol site is wonderful inspiration and diversion when stuck indoors/online. God Bless you.
375. Name: Gabrielle Lynas
Location: Fallbrook, CA
Comments: Hi Carol - I am really enjoying perusing all your backpacking trips! I live in Southern CA as well and would love to find other like-minded women that enjoy backpacking down here. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me. I'm a mom to three

374. Name: 1camper (Tom Harrell)
Location: virginia Beach
Comments: Man, that Tater is the cutest kid! Such a great site! Congrats on doing all this work and Im sure much more and still getting out there with your boy. Its really much easier before they can walk, lol.
373. Name: Brett
Location: Bakersfield, Ca.
Comments: Love your photographs...... Hiking Alta Peak tomorrow. :) life is good!
372. Name: Pico LaCienega
Location: SoCal 
Comments: Beginning I think about winter backpacking trips and read about San Mateo on your website. Fantastic! Thanks
371. Name: Sam Wilson
Location: Bakersfield
Comments: Hi Ranger Tarol...I always like when you visit more obscure places and I can always count on finding your photos of these places in the southern sierra. My wife and I recently went to packsaddle and starvation creek groves.
370. Name: Denise
Location: China
Comments: Nice website! And it's interesting that I came here by accident because I spelled Tarot as Tarol by mistake~But I m really fascinated by your photographs and hopefully I can visit CA one day!

369. Name: Scott Cereghino
Location: Yosemite
Comments: Awesome website, I love how you have created it and keep wonderful small tidbit here and there. I originally came via buckeye trees since I make bowls and other items from buckeyes.
368. Name: Tarol
Location: Portland, OR
Comments: My first name IS Tarol, and I go by Tarry! When I was growing up, people always assumed the t was a misprint, and would change it to Carol, like in school programs and such.
367. Name: Scott (and Kristin)
Location: Riverside
Comments: Wow! What was I supposed to do today? Just spent.....a while, looking at all the great photos on your website! Great links, too. Thank you! The Hungry Packer Lake photo caught my eye. That was a fave spot for a quick backpacking trip as a kid.
366. Name: connie humphrey
Location: Eagle Mountain Utah
Comments: Love Your Website ... Loved your Tribute to Grandma

365. Name: Eric Schuur
Location: Palo Alto, CA  
Comments: Im planning a backpacking trip to Joshua Tree, so Im glad I found your site. Thanks for the great stories!

364. Name: Thomas Pettus
Location: United States
Comments: Enjoyed your site.

363. Name: Jaime Ramos
Location: Selma, CA
Comments: What a great web site! Youre so luck to have ben to all these places. How in the world did you find the time?? Hope to see you and Todd out there somewhere...Happy Trails.
362. Name: DeeDee
Location: Lytle Creek
Comments: Hello! I was searching for some pics of third stream up Middle Fork Lytle Creek and came across your site. I have lived in Lytle Creek almost 40 years and it was awesome to see it portrayed in your pics. They are awesome! Thank you :)

361. Name: Amy Schmeling
Location: Mohave Valley Arizona
Comments: Saw this web address when I was looking up info on my great grandpa Jack Kennaday... We used to go camping at the base of the peak every year, missing that since the move here...If you have any photos or info Id love to show them to my family.

360. Name: Rob Odette
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Comments: I was looking for pictures of kayaks on sidecars (I have a motorcycle, I have a kayak, why not! Lol) when I ran across a picture of your Grandpa riding your dad around on a sidecar. What a wonderfully written story about a man I would have liked to have known.

359. Name: Pete Allen
Location: Vancouver, WA
Comments: Wonderful pictures!!!!! I grew up in Riverside, CA and have been to some of the same places. I LOVE Mono lake, Lee Vining, Tioga Pass and June Lake loop area. THANKS for sharing. Ill be checking back often to follow your adventures.

358. Name: Leslie
Location: Napa, CA
Comments: Awesome! Youve been a lot of places, some of my favorites! Great website and I love seeing pictures of places I havent been but now want to visit!

357. Name: Jon
Location: Porterville, Ca
Comments: Ive signed here before, but I occasionally drop back in to see your new adventures. Great site and Great Pictures. My pictures arent as good but let me know if you need a few Springville area photos to remind you of its beauty.

356. Name: judy bantz
Location: henderson nv
Comments: Lived in Springville CA for 15 years. Hiked San Gabriels many times. Love your website. Thanks.

355. Name: Tony
Location: Bakersfield
Comments: Love your quote from Edward Abbey. I found your site searching for information about Slate Mt. Your blog answered all my questions, thanks.

354. Name: Melodee Braman
Location: Orange County, CA
Comments: I love your site. Like you, Im a hiker, wanderer, camper, etc. only with dog which limits me somewhat where I can go. But with him, I can go anywhere I want to and feel safe. There is nothing more relaxing or exciting than being outdoors and discovering nature. 

353. Name: Geno
Location: Montebello, CA
Comments: Met Todd, great pics, used to back pack the Sierras. I have a lot of great memories backpacking and fishing.

352. Name: Rodessa Tarol
Location: Bataan, Philippines
Comments: Hi Carol!, I found your page when im searching for whats the meaning of our surname then your site comes out.. it was fun to view your photos i wish i could do some travels just like you!
351. Name: Carl Sorenson
Location: Lake Arrowhead Ca.
Comments: A friend of ours is looking @ a home for sale on Iris in Aspendale...I was looking to see how close it is to the creek...then did image-searck of North lake.....Saw some of your photos,,,,a WHA-LHA......Spent my younger years hiking the San G.area....

350. Name: Melanie Vogel
Location: Orange, California
Comments: I so enjoyed your wonderful website! I found it after researching more info on the Needles Fire Tower which I had the pleasure of visiting this last weekend on a hike. I am impressed with your dedication to wilderness conservation, your trips and fabulous photographs.

349. Name: Kevin Irvine
Location: Cypress, Ca
Comments: Great Photos. Kern river was indeed full in July. Running @ almost 7,000 cfs in June. Thank You.
348. Name: SUSIE Q
Location: Riverside
Comments: I loved all the great pictures, wondering if Bonita falls is too hard of a hike for my four year old daughter? any advice
347. Name: Amber
Location: Porterville, CA
Comments: Found your page looking for trails in Sequoia NP, loved reading about some of your adventures. I grew up in Utah so it was fun to see that weve visited some of the same places here and there!

346. Name: jersey outdoor
Location: new jersey
Comments: outdoor guy loves being wiht nature,mtb.kayaking road biking/bikepacking 2.belong 2 outdoor club
345. Name: Mom
Location: San Bernardino
Comments: 50 backpacking trips - WOW
344. Name: Maria Campbell
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Comments: Greetings! I found your website when I tried to inquire about Tule River in Sequoia Natl Park. I love your pictures. Our family is planning a camping trip in the Quaken Aspen area, which, I think, is close to Tule River.
343. Name: Tim OMalley
Location: Henderson, NV
Comments: Thanks!

342. Name: Richard Ault
Location: Oklahoma City
Comments: Tarol, I stumbled on your site while researching Cicle B Scout Ranch in the southern sierras. Spent several summers there in the 1950s. I grew up in Pomoma Ca and went on many hikes on Old Baldy. Enjoyed all your pics have not lived in Ca since 1977.

341. Name: Randy Dixon Rivera
Location: Morovis, Puerto Rico
Website and/or email address:
Comments: Thanks for letting us take a peek into your World. Great advice about burn out. - lol
340. Name: Cecilia
Location: East Bay, San Francisco
Comments: Found your site while doing research on Mt. Diablo. Really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing. And your photographs are beautiful!

339. Name: Nastass
Location: Bay Area
Comments: Thanks for sharing your great website with us! I cant believe how many trips youve done in the past year let alone how much youve posted. Wow!! Keep exploring! :D

338. Name: Renee
Location: Ohio
Comments: I came across your website while in search of hikes out west. Not much excitement in Ohio for an outdoor enthusiast :) I absolutely love your pics and am very very jealous of all your trips :) By the way, what camera/s do you use?? They and YOU take awesome photos.

Renee - thanks :)  I'm currently using an Olympus SP-550.  I'm a big fan of Olympus cameras because they have a super macro mode which is great for taking really up close photos of flowers, bugs, etc.  Plus this particular camera has an 18x zoom which is awesome for wildlife. 

337. Name: Linda Rank
Location: Austin Tx
Comments: I am a teacher and constantly search images for things I want my students to see. Your beautiful pictures came up. Lovely. I shared some with my elementary students.
336. Name: G
Location: San Diego
Comments: Love your narrative about Carrizo plain. I stumbled on it by accident one year. On my twice annual trips between So Cal and No Cal I usually took roads between the Freeways -- just for the adventure! Instantly feel for the Plain and made one trip back.
335. Name: julz
Location: texas

334. Name: friendowl
Location: so cal
Comments: i really enjoy your page. life is good....solvitur ambulando

Note: I had to look it up... solvitur ambulando is latin for "it is solved by walking" - love it!  Thank you friendowl!

333. Name: Keith Cuculic
Location: Yorba Linda, CA
Comments: Awesome site

332. Name: melanie wells
Location: bakersfield
Comments: I have just been mesmerised by your beautiful, fun, exciting website. You go girl! I wish that one day I can do at least some of these hikes! Keep it up!

331. Name: Albert Hak
Location: Norwalk, CA
Comments: Impressive website! Wonderful stuff youve done!!! Glad to get to meet you in person from your leading hike at White Water canyon yesterday (December 2009). Happy Christmas to you & your family!

330. Name: Kathy Pratt
Location: Murrieta, CA
Comments: I love your web page!

329. Name: Ron Chang
Location: Palm Springs, Ca
Comments: I should be so lucky...make as much use of my time as possible going out and exploring our desert areas...your pics are terrific.

328. Name: Anthony T. Regalbuto
Location: Philadelphia, Pa
Comments: I am so intrigued by the West, that I am planning to car camp across America east coast to west coast. You have a great website. Take care

327. Name: Sonya
Location: Riverside
Comments: Carol, I always love to visit your Website to see your wonderful photos, and to read what you have been up to. Great job my friend. ;o)
326. Name: Brian Okamoto
Location: San Jose, CA
Comments: Hi Carol, great site! Im here camping in Lone Pine, and was Googling for weather info for Lone Pine and Bishop when suddenly I came across your site! The East Side is my absolute favorite, and its great to hear youre from Biship. Thanks for the well-designed website.

325. Name: Jeff
Location: Ventura Calif.
Comments: Thanks for sharing your experience. Much appreciated. Jeff
324. Name: Suzanne Bunker-Kishimoto
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Comments: Came upon your website while Googling pictures of Frog Meadow for my screen saver rotation. You took some great pictures of one of my favorite places in the world. Enjoyed the views as well as the flora and fauna pictures.
323. Name: Jim Good
Location: Santa Monica, Ca
Comments: Thank you! I loved my visit. I just pruchased 21 acres of land in Caliente, Piute Springs and I am trying to locate it on a usgs map and/or other detailed map. thank you soooo much!

322. Name: Linda
Location: pine mountain ca
Comments: thanks for the pics, i love to view intended hikes this way

321. Name: FarNorCal
Location: Montague, CA
Comments: Enjoyed your photos in SummitPost. Also, your description as a reluctant enthusiast.

320. Name: Terry Simmons
Location: Clovis, CA
Comments: Yvonne Miller is my aunt by marriage. She told me about your site. Lovely pictures!

319. Name: marti & rick lopez
Location: piute/jawbone in claraville
Comments: Hello, I sure enjoyed your photos and look forward to seeing more. We are just now building in the Piute Mountain Area. I will be posting photos there as we develop our place and explore the land more.

318. Name: Stassia Samuels
Location: Humboldt County, CA
Comments: Carol, I stumbled upon your site today, linked from another site, and felt like someone just handed me the most delicious double mocha and started massaging my feet! It was that good! I grew up in So. Calif and spent my late teens/early 20s hiking and camping.

317. Name: Evan Bowman
Location: Bakersfield,ca
Comments: speechless
316. Name: Nathan
Location: central valley,ca
Comments: Love Sequoia Natl park. Grew up here.
315. Name: Darlene (Dardu) & Larry Du Moulin
Location: Chino Hills, CA
Comments: Just returned from 2900 mile trip -11 day camping trip at Folsom Lake,CA-Cottage Grove,OR-Seattle,WA for our daughters College Grad at SPU,Rock Creek, WA, Redmond (on the crooked river)OR, Lakeshore at Shasta Lake, CA, and Stony Creek- Sequoia-Kings Cyn

314. Name: Ramon Alvarez
Location: Bonita Falls
Website and/or email address:
Comments: I grew up by there is south Rialto. I hiked it twenty times or more in the seventies and eighties. There is also a cave up there and it is beautiful as it is I went last. I really miss that hike. I dont know if I can still do it.

313. Name: Gary Weltmann
Location: Bend, Oregon
Comments: Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiring website, and all the humor and great photography.

312. Name: Gail Hummel
Location: Orinda, CA
Comments: A beautiful and sweet trip description on the North Fork Big Pine Creek hike, and great photos, especially the flowers at end. Thanks for sharing. Im taking friends there end of June and your site post helps me prepare.

311. Name: James Wilson
Location: Bishop
Comments: Just spent the day at the Suwanee Grove. googled the grove and your website came up. fine grove. Go do it.

310. Name: Lincoln Kennaday
Location: Wyoming/Oregon
Comments: That was my Uncle Jack Kennaday, the first ranger in that area, known as Kennaday Peak, Wyoming. Thank you so much.

309. Name: Shadow
Location: LA
Website and/or email address:
Comments: Hi Tarol! i have visited your website often, so i figured i should take a moment to say hello. I have been out exploring the sierras for many months now, and i must say your website has inspired me to visit many new places, and especially to look for more.
308. Name: SushiGirl
Location: Texas
Website and/or email address:
Comments: Just wanted to thank you for the wildflower ID, it helped me in identifying what I took pics of several years ago on a visit! 

307. Name: Hal
Location: West Sac, CA
Comments: Looks like youve lived the life I would plan for myself. Congratulations. Anyway, thanks for hosting the site... I was looking for some info on KC/ Sequoia and stumbled on it. Great pix of time well spent in nature.

306. Name: Theresa
Location: Redondo Beach
Comments: I just wanted to tell you how much I love all your photos and great positive energy. Its beautiful! I admire all the places you have been and captured, Im trying to get out more myself. Its hard to not get caught up in the struggles of everyday life.
305. Name: 1camper
Location: VB, VA
Comments: Great website Carol, I really enjoy the pics and reading about all the places youve been. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

304. Name: Dan Menzel
Location: Napa CA
Comments: Great pictures and commentary about this area. Ive been near the Plain, but never visited. Thanks, Tarol, for the info.

303. Name: Nate
Location: Los Angeles
Comments: Hi Tarol. I really appreciate your website. Ive used your information to research and plan a # of my own hiking trips. Thanks for the hard work you put into updating and maintaining this website. Nate

302. Name: Jon McMillan
Location: Redlands
Comments: Hey Tarol, Youre writing and images are fantastic. I was out in Thomas Hunting Grounds wanting to ride the Santa Ana River Trail and found too much snow to find the trail. I have pics if youd like to see. Not as AWESOME as yours though I can send them. J
301. Name: Mary Carrisalez
Location: Bakersfield
Comments: Carol your pictures are awsome what a great eye you have to catch the moment. I was the mex. lady that was walking with you at Mt Hollywood. Hope to see you at the next one, I am planning to go.
300. Name: Nick Martin
Location: Bakersfield
Comments: Loved it!

299. Name: Brian
Location: Los Angeles
Comments: Thank you for loving the earth, and most of all, for your writing and beautiful photography.
298. Name: Martha
Location: Lincoln, CA
Comments: I found your site googling the Carrizo plain. We have never been there but it has been on my list a long time, now I am determined to make it this year. Other than Carrizo Plain we have explored many of the same places and though we now live near Sacramento

297. Name: Jer
Location: moclips
Comments: Love your site Tarol :) I showed my mom all of your pictures and she said, that you are an amazing person. I agree :) Thank you so much for adding me to your site in the Feb. 3rd blog. It really does mean a lot to me! Jer
296. Name: Carol Afshar
Location: Marina Del Rey, Ca
Comments: Came across your site by accident and competely enjoyed reading your articles and viewing your pictures. I also have a house near Yosemite which I call home.

295.  Name: Delia Kostner
Location: New Hampshire
Comments: Great site! I came across it looking for information on the Miter Basin. We hiked the high Sierra Trail last summer, coming out Cottonwood lakes and we wanted to return and explore Miter. Its great to see your photos. Thanks!!!

294.  Name: Mary
Location: Orlando, FL
Comments: Came across your website by accident, it's fabulous! I am rediscovering my love of the outdoors, and can only wish to see all the places you've been.

293. Name: Rick Schafer
Location: Colorado
Website and/or email address:
Comments: WOW Tarol - Just found your site. I am so impressed! Thought I could go through it tonight, but I see it will take days to explore. What a joy. It's great when you find like minded people. You have a new fan following you. Thanks - Reddirtdawg

292. Name: John Keyes
Location: Springville
Comments: Excellent idea.

291. Name: Dan Schechter
Website and/or email address:
Comments: Tarol -- I have been following your website for years -- and you have inspired me -- I have created a somewhat similar blog of our adventures, mostly in the Sierra, but not all -- if you have a minute, check it out.

Thanks again for all of the great hikes you have introduced us to! -- Dan

Dan - you have some great photos on your blog!  Thanks for sharing it with me :)

290. Name: Bob Beausoleil
Comments: I found your site while researching the Anza Borrego Park. Im flying out to CA on Nov. 5th to visit my elderly aunts in Escondido and then plan to spend a few days exploring Anza Borrego and maybe Joshua Tree Natl Park. Your photos of AB are spectacular--

289. Name: PAT KELLEY
Comments: great pictures of Baker point and Tobias peek my grandparents where IRA and Donna Stephnsen they ran both Baker and Tobias. I am writing to see if you would have any pictures of the Stephsen Meadow sign.

Pat - sorry, I don't have any photos of that sign.  If I ever go back up that way I'll look for it, though!

288. Name: Dorian Taylor
Location: Suffield, CT
Comments: Your pictures are amazing! I've been reading about the giant sequoias lately. Your pictures made the area come alive. I hope to visit one day.

287. Name: aok
Location: burnt hills, N.Y.
Comments: Stumbled across this page looking at stuff. I am an avid hiker. Spending most of my time with close friends tromping around the Adirondacks

286. Name: Christine Irwin (deedums)
Location: Anaheim, CA
Comments: Tarol- Thank you for letting my husband and I live vicariously through your adventures! We are avid hikers and the Sierra is our favorite. We love looking at your trip descriptions and they have inspired us to do the same.

285. Name: RichardC
Location: Fresno Ca
Comments: Wow....I admire your courage,and enjoy ur website...always looking for new area to hike and backpacking...thanks...

284. Name: Kate Twisselman
Location: Shandon
Comments: Twisselmans Buckwheat is actually spelled elman not le - Eriogonum Twisselmanii was named for my great-uncle Ernest. Ive never seen it because it grows at such a high altitude. Thanks for the photos.

Kate - thanks for the info!

283. Name: Karen Roberts
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Comments: Hi Tarol/Carol - I did a search for why backpack and guess where I landed! My friends and family ask me why I would hike or (bike) into a remote location, suffer heat and humidity, insects and other creatures, lack of creature comforts and such.

282. Name: Randy
Location: Hanford, CA
Comments: I was looking for pictures of Moses Gulch and surrounding area and came across your site. Nice pics. Great web page. I dont like camping among crowds so this looks like a great place. Are there many bears in the area?

Randy - yes, there are bears, be sure to store your food and anything else with an odor in the bear boxes provided at each campsite!

281. Name: Thomas McClure
Location: Temecula, California
Comments: Hi Tarol, I found your August, 2005, trip to Sky-Blue Lake while planning a trip to the Rock Creek area which we just completed yesterday, August 10, 2008. Thanks so much for leading us to camp in and hike the Miter Basin.

280. Name: Aaron
Location: Middleburg, FL
Website and/or email address:
Comments: Very nice website. You are all quite the adventurers. By the way, the unknown nettle flower you have on your photos in the Rattlesnake Lake, Florida Trail album is actually called a Tread Softly. Its kind of a weird name, but its true to it.

279. Name: Tarol Greig
Location: Regina, SK Canada
Comments: Hi Carol/Tarol...I was looking in Google for anything about myself and low and behold I found your web-site...Beautiful scenery photos...You live in a beautiful part of the world. My mother had a friend with the same name and spelling.

278. Name: Andrea
Location: Springville
Website and/or email address: you have it (fs)
Comments: Hope everything is going well for you in SB. We are now the Western Divide Ranger District. I love your photos! You are such a pro! Take care, your friend, Andrea.

277. Name: Luke Bradley
Location: England
Comments: Hello, i an very interested in giant sequoias and love the book to find the biggest tree i have seen 26 of the top 40 trees from the book which i think is pretty good considering i live 1000s of miles away.

276. Name: SniperShrew
Location: Southern California
Comments: What a great website you have. Thanks for the replies @ backpacker. Keep on Trail blazing.

275. Name: Liza
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Comments: Thank you for the nice pictures and backpacking information. We are going camping to Balch park next month and would like to hike to Summit lake. What maps and/or book do you use for this area? Cheers, Liza

Liza, Hiking California's Golden Trout Wilderness and Exploring the Southern Sierra: West Side are two good books that cover that area and Tom Harrison makes a good map for the Golden Trout Wilderness. 

274. Name: Marc
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Website and/or email address:
Comments: Hi Carol, congratulations for your website and the beautiful pictures. Kind regards from a sequoia fan from overseas. Marc

273. Name: Rich
Location: Los Alamitos, CA
Comments: Tarol, I Googled Mt. Langley, and followed a link to your site. What a pleasant surprise! Great info, even greater photography. I envy your talent, and your lifestyle. Im a wannabe nature photographer, but my work doesnt approach yours. Well, you give me inspiration.

272. Name: Annie Frokjer
Location: Carlsbad
Comments: Hi Carol! Congrats on your Anniversary! I was searching for photos of my home away from home and found your Deer Creek, Tobias Lookout and Sunday Peak shots. You really captured the feel of the place. I thought my favorite place was scorched earth from all the fires.

271. Name: Claudia Elliott
Location: Porterville
Comments: Hi, Carol Heard you had left us. Hope things are going well for you there, Claudia

270.  Name: VJ
Location: Bay area, CA
Comments: Wonderfull Blog.. Very informative. Thanks.

269. Name: Bruce Barnard
Location: Bakersfield
Comments: We have a home in Camp Nelson and I enjoy surfing around for info of our area. Do you know of any Doulas Fir trees in our immediate area?

Bruce - you have mail. I think the furthest south Douglas Fir Trees grow is about Yosemite

268. Name: Robby
Location: San Diego
Comments: Loved your site, pictures and descriptions. Planning a trip out of Cottonwood Lakes over Army Pass and into Miter Basin this summer. It was great reading your summary on the trip and thanks for posting such great photos. Cheers!!

267. Name: Aaron
Location: Corona, CA
Comments: For Shame. My dog Jayna says Hi. Had to get rid of that terrible pack. She still enjoyed the trip though
Note: I think this is from one of the guys we encountered on this trip, lol!

266. Name: Gordon Wing
Location: Gordon Wing
Comments: really enjoyed your photography and comments....thanks for sharing!

255. Name: David and Elizabeth
Location: Fresno, California
Comments: Excellent site. I wish there were more sites like this. See you at alta peak!

254. Name: Judy
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and diaries. Really neat stuff. I am forwarding your site to a friend who is terminally ill, and Im sure will get great pleasure out of it. Youve captured some of Gods gifts in a beautiful way. Bless you. Have a wonderful day!

253. Name: DANGER-RUSS
252. Name: DANGER-RUSS
251. Name: Dicentra
Location: Seattle, WA
Website and/or email address:
Comments: Wow! Youve added a lot since the last time I was here. Looks fantastic! I just dropped by to let you know that I added your link to my site. :) Happy Hiking! ~Di
250. Name: abra rispoli
Location: porterville ca
Comments: hi thank you for your information on the tule river im trying to prepare and informative and a persuassive speech on how people are ruining our beautiful rivers and forest so please if you have any things you would like to add to my speech or pictures let me know.
249. Name: aunt connie
Location: salt lake city utah
Comments: i enjoyed your website and all the wonderful adventures youve been on and congrat on your wedding love aunt connie

248. Name: Cy Kaicener
Location: Rialto California
Comments: I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your super website and have added a link to my own website Cy Kaicener (Summitposter and San Jacinto message board.)

247. Name: tom wargo
Location: yucca valley
Comments: Tarol, we are planning a trip to cottonwood lakes and beyond, probably mt. whitney, your trip documentation into this area was very helpful. Thanks so much for the enthusiasum, Tom

246. Name: Farmer
Location: Porterville
Comments: Thanks for all the pictures and trail info. I camp at Burro Crk. and Rosies Grave quite often and can relate to your bear Also hike the Redwood Xing-Long Meadow-Summit Lake trail often.. Beautiful!!! Let me know if you ever need a day hike partner.

245. Name: Scott
Location: Bakersfield
Comments: I want to hike the trail from Wishon to Balch Park. I am looking for any info you can give on the trail. Your Pictures are spectacular* Great Job!

244. Name: Polly
Location: Topeka
Comments: I was looking at your page for information about lichens, it was very helpful. Thanks.

243. Name: Grey ( real name ron )
Location: San Jose CA
Website and/or email address:
Comments: Psuedo avid hiker :) enjoyed the pictures of the plain. I might have to head there this summer.

242. Name: Marc
Location: Massachusetts
Comments: I love checking out your site. I try to get out to the Sierras once a year to do some hiking with a dear friend that lives in San Diego. You are very blessed to live in and around those mountains, when my daughter gets older I cannot wait to take her out there.

241. Name: Kelly  
Comments: I found your website as I was doing research on aspen decline in R2. I am wondering when your picture of Aspen Alley in the Sierra Madre Mountains was taken? The trees were very healthy then and now they are seriously in decline.

Kelly -sorry to hear that! That remains to this day one of the best places I've ever seen extensive and beautiful aspen stands.  Well, you have mail.

240. Name: Marsha
Location: Sayville, NY
Comments: I love you web site! I was in Bakersfield early December because my mother just passed away. My husband and I needed a day to ourselves and had never explored the Carrizo Plain (though I grew up in California!!!). We found it so interesting we are thinking of going back in the spring.

239. Name: Martha
Location: Los Angeles
Comments: Enjoy reading about all your adventures and love looking at all your beautiful pictures!!

238. Name: Esther
Location: Porterville
Website or email address:
Comments: Hi Carol, I was looking up information on reed boats when I came across your site and I could not leave. It was so interesting. I had to write after I saw that your alma mater is Linfield. I have been there many times. My sister graduated from there. She lives in McMinneville! (I'll be spending Thanksgiving week there this year)

I'm glad I ran into your site. It's great!

p.s. I'm emailing you. :)

237. Name: Cedar
Location: Three Rivers
Website or email address:
Comments: Nice site. Would love to get out as much as you.

236. Name: Meridith Wehrle
Location: Katy, Texas
Comments: Carol, I found your website through your posting about 4wheelbob on  What a wonderful site you have created.  You have inspired me this weekend...thank you so much!!! 

I have been training since February for MY VERY FIRST HIKE....the South Rim Trail in Big Bend National Park.  It's 14 miles round trip and we are doing it in one day.  I have added your site to my favorites list and printed out a pic of 4wheelbob to help keep me motivated over the next couple of months as I continue to prepare for this adventure.  After reading your website, I hope it becomes the first of many more to come for me.

Warmest regards,
Meridith Wehrle

235. Name: Joni
Location: Bakersfield, Calif.
Comments: Loved your website, and Wow all the places you have camped! I have always wanted to. Thanks for sharing.

234. Name: Sandy
Location: Naples Fl
Comments: Tarol is the best (undiscovered) artist in the US. If you want a portrait of any kind-or you just want a photograph that will embrace you and take you away from stress...

Call TAROL....

233. Name: Jen McIntire
Location: Near Springville, CA
Comments: Carol, your site rocks! (Literally)  What a pleasant surprise to see so many beautiful pics of some of my favorite places.  You even have a photo of my friend and neighbor, Robin Galloway.  I want to thank you for the time and work you have put into this informative and enjoyable site... I appreciate it and will come back many times in the future.  Feel the love, jen

232. Name: Luke Bradley
Location: Surrey, England
Comments: Hello, i an very interested in giant sequoias and love the book "to find the biggest tree" i have seen 25 of the top 40 trees from the book which i think is pretty good considering i live 1000's of miles away.. anyway i think this was the only way i could contact you considering i dont have your email, so i've just found ur post on this website: i think its great, its the first thing i've read since the book that felt like a carry on from the book, if you get me :).. anyway i was wondering if you could give me any more information about wendall, mike or the book.. or any new news about new trees over 30,000 cubic feet???? i would highly appretiacte an email from you, thanks for the article, and i hope to hear from you soon..

Luke (grovehunter)

Luke ~ you have mail!

231. Name: Abe
Location: Sanger California
Comments: I enjoy your website.  I just returned from a trip to pear lake.  It was awesome.  I hiked up to the lone tree where you and your friends took a break but wasn,t able to go all the way to moose lake because of time.  I will do it soon.  I appreciate the work that goes into a site like this.

230. Name: thuy <twee>
Location: santa barbara, ca
Comments: hi carol! i got to your website via the valencia peak review on  your pictures are maginificent.  and all the hikes you've done, i would like to try every one of them. first, i have two burning questions:

1. you camped at an environmental site in montana de oro; what is the name/number of your camp site?  (i have been trying to reserve this spot but reserveamerica's map isn't very detailed and i have read/heard conflicting references.)

2. what is the make/model of your camera?  i am hoping to upgrade from my little fuji finepix point+shoot.

i would appreciate any information you may have.  of course you could just as easily tell me to shove off.  :)

yesterday i tried to hike up gaviota peak, about 25 miles north of santa barbara.  it was my first attempt and i didn't make it.  at the trailhead there's a sign declaring that it's mountain lion territory so, at about 1.5 miles up, i got spooked and turned.  it would have helped if i wasn't alone.  plus it was 86 degrees out of the shade.  i hope to try again on a cooler day.

your website made my day.  the links just go on and on.  and pictures everywhere!  website after my own heart.

Thuy ~ you have mail!

229. Name: Mandi McKay
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Comments: I came across your wesite when I was searching for River Ridge Ranch.  (I too will be getting married there)  Thank you so much for sharing your wedding photos!  I really appreciate your website, I found so many answers to questions I have had for a long time including information on becoming a park ranger.  (something I've always wanted to do but didn't know where to start)  And I have to find out how to get to that place with the natural waterfalls!  I had heard so much about it and the picture you posted made me want to go that much more!

228. Name: larry volmer
Location: lancaster, ca
Comments: injoy your trips, but it woud be nice is you gave more information on time you let trail head and camping site and time it took to hike the different trails.start to finish for a day . good picture and information thought. been to a lot of your places you have hike. keep up the hicking. when you went to gray meddow did you notes the big tree that had fallen acroust the trail  going north to the kern , that had been saw in to ?? that was me and my scout troup project. the day we were there a bear had gotten in to the work shead and the door closed on him and he tore the place apart trying to get out, some fun. larry

227. Name: doug mcintosh
Location: balch park road, springville ca
Comments: Great site, wonderful photos and verbage.I am taking my daughter camping next week and wantedto view photos of the Frazier Mills campground at MHSF. Your site showed up on my Google image search.Your site was helpful. Thank you. - Doug McIntosh 

PS. Jill Warren rocks...she sang at my 40th birthaday party.

226. Name: Dave Daly
Location: Temecula, CA
Comments: Carol - Thanks for all your contribution on Absolutely valuable info you've provided the recreational user. Sure wish I had been doing laps on 'Pennies On The Patio' (Moro Rock) when you were doing one of your interps up there. HA!! Again, thanks for all your hard work and I hope to be seeing you around SoYo. BTW, between me, you and the wall.....Heidi is a hottie!! HA! - Dave

225. Name: Kevin Kinney
Location: Live in Thousand Oaks.  Cabin in Sequoia Crest.
Comments: I love your site. I Didn't have time to see all of it yet though. I was linked to it somehow while looking for the elevation of Jordan Peak's summit. Beautiful pictures.  What kind of camera took the Jordan Peak shots?  I'm in need of a new camera.  Perhaps our paths will cross someday while in the mountains.  Trek on.

Kevin ~ you have mail!

224. Name: Emmy Kibler
Location: Springville
Comments: Great website.  Makes me feel like I am THERE.  Keep up the good work, Emmy

223. Name: Demetria
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Comments: My new favorite website! I look at it everyday, since I've found it, and using it as my inspiration to do that one thing that lurks in the back of mind, becoming a ranger! I just came back from the Ponderosa area this weekend, where a little fireroad took me back and away from the crowds, I have a chance to see the Needles look-out and visit that ol' salty bird there, maybe next time I'll visit you!!

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