Giant Forest to Mineral King
June 19-21, 1999
This was my first serious BP trip.  I went with two fellow rangers, Vera and Lisa Ann.  
We started out on the High Sierra Trail from Crescent Meadow in Giant Forest and
spent the first night at Bearpaw Meadow.  The second day we hiked down into the Middle
Fork Kaweah River Valley, saw a huge blonde black bear, crossed two branches of the
Middle Fork Kaweah River, and had lunch in the Redwood Meadow Grove of giant
sequoias.  That night we stayed at the Cliff Creek Junction and the next day we hiked up
and over Timber Gap into Mineral King.  This was my first taste of the backcountry of
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks and I was hooked!
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Me on the High Sierra Trail with the
Great Western Divide as a backdrop
The first Middle Fork
Kaweah River crossing we
did had a bridge, here I
am posing on it...
Our reward for getting over the gap, a
spectacular view of Mineral King Valley
The second did not and we had a hard
time crossing, it was very slick and cold!  
Here are my two BP partners and fellow
rangers posing by that second crossing
The third day was by far
the hardest, but the
sights were beautiful.  
Here is a small waterfall
off to the right as we
neared Timber Gap