Jeepin 8
April 28, 2012
Took the baby on his first Jeep trip!  We went with my parents on the Grapevine Canyon Road between Lucerne Valley and Big Bear.  This is a very spectacular drive as the road rises thousands of feet from the desert floor up the north side of the San Bernardino Mountains... besides a couple of dirt bikes, we didn't see anyone else out there. Don't know why...  the weather and wildflowers are absolutely spectacular right now! 

Little T also had two other firsts yesterday - experienced his first earthquake, while I was nursing him :p  And he giggled for the first time after our Jeep trip.  We were eating dinner at a Mexican Restaurant in Lucerne Valley and after eating I was holding him and put my face down to his and my hair apparently tickled him...  He let out the cutest little giggle :)
Abbey scouts the head of a box canyon - see the Jeeps?
More photos here :)

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