Me and HikinMike
November 2003, Dome Rock, Sequoia National Forest
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WindWalker, HikinMike, and Blisters
November 2003, Needles Fire Lookout, Sequoia NF
Snowpoet and me
March 2002, Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
WWWW (Wild, Wonderful, Wilderness Women) Hike
1999 Arkansas
Back row (zigzag along the row from left to right):  DyanTX, Leslie,  
MaryPhyl, Swallowtail, JaneC, Coosa, Marianne, Snowpeak, Kitty,
Mtngrl, and Deborah.
Front row:   Betty K,  Elisa, Nina, CGHiker, and MadCow.
Photo courtesy JaneC
Me and MataHariHiker
June 2003, Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park
Photo courtesy MataHariHiker
MataHariHiker and RedDoug
Twins separated at birth?
Photo courtesy RedDoug
Hikerduane, Andrew, and Ol-Zeke on the Kings-Kaweah Divide
in Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP's
September 22, 2004
Me and HikerDuane at Cathedral Lake in Yosemite NP
August 9, 2004
HikerDuane, Me, and Andrew east of Pear Lake in Sequoia NP
September 24, 2004
Photo courtesy Ol-Zeke
Two Medicine Glacier Gang Summer 2004
Back row, left to right:  LiRM35, Coloradodcs, Mr. Foggy
Middle row: Justdropin', Woodswoman, Foggy
Front: Burntfoot
Photo courtesy Fogduo
Justdropin' and me on Mt. Langley
Sequoia National Park, August 2005
Mtmnslady and me near Gray Meadow
Golden Trout Wilderness, July 2005
Me and MaximusII at Seville Lake
Kings Canyon National Park, August 2004
PanamaRob and me near Kings Canyon
March 2005
DyanTX, JaneC, me, BettyK, Mtmnslady, Bobcat, and Madcow
WWWW Hike, West Rim Trailhead, Zion National Park
October 2005
Me, Bobcat, Mtmnslady, and DyanTX
Lee Pass Trailhead, Zion National Park, October 2005
Lynn, Swallowtail, DyanTX, me, JaneC620, BettyK, and Madcow
WWWW Hike, Springer Mountain, Georgia, May 2006
Me and Woodswoman
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, May 2006
Me and 4wheelbob
Sequoia National Forest, July 2006
MsDoolittle and Me, October 2005
Me, MsKatieBear, Rachel (Tinker's Wife), Tinker, and U2Alaska
Mt. Greylock, MA October 2004
Hikerduane, ScenicRoute, Hikerchick395, me, and 4wheelbob
White Mountain Peak Barcroft Trailhead, September 2006
Hikerduane, me, Tom, and Songbyrd before our 4 day
backpacking trip near Devil's Postpile, August 31, 2007
Photo courtesy Songbyrd
Justdropin and Me at the South Lake Trailhead for Bishop Pass,
August 25, 2008
Wingding, Allison, Steve, Naviguesser, Cindy, Polarbear, Sierraguy,
Todd, Rdlswalker, Gary, Suze, me, and ?
Mojave National Preserve, November 2007
Hikerchick395, her husband Greg, Jan, Mr. Rebecca D,
Rebecca D, Jim, Orygawn, 2heeldrive, me, Rebecca D's
two boys, 4wheelbob, and Tashia, Carrizo Plain National
Monument, March 2008
John Doe and Ray Estrella
Domeland Wilderness June 2005
Robert R, Songbyrd, Lady Maritel, Me, Drunken Marmot, and
Calipidder at the General Sherman Tree, February 2005
Mtmnslady, DyanTX, Mandy, me, JaneC
WWWW Hike, Joshua Tree NP, CA, November 2009
Me, Greg1062, RedDoug, and Sunbeam
Whitewater Canyon Reserve, December 2009
Photo courtesy Serpicorabbit
Greg1062, Serpicorabbit, me, Justdropin, and Sunbeam
backpacking in Coyote Canyon, Anza-Borrego Desert State
Park, February 2010
Photo courtesy Justdropin'